Welcome to the “How to Become a Sex Coach” series! In these essays, you’ll learn how the Certified Sex Coach™ training offered through Sex Coach U prepares you to become a competent, knowledgeable, ethical, and financially successful sex coach.

Welcome back! This is part 3 of our series called, “How to Become a Sex Coach.” So far, you’ve learned that you need clinical sexology knowledge (read Part 1 here) and coactive coaching skills (read Part 2 here) to become an effective and competent sex coach. 

Unfortunately, getting top-notch training in coaching skills and clinical sexology isn’t enough. You also have to know how to structure your business and market it well in order to launch a successful sex coaching practice. 

Maybe you’ve never worked for yourself—do you know what needs to go on your website? Do you understand how to identify your ideal client and how to reach them? Do you know how to address your money hang-ups so you don’t sabotage yourself financially?

Perhaps you’re already a freelancer, independent contractor, or small business owner. You’ve figured out how to motivate yourself, and you may understand the basics of setting up and promoting your business or services. But how successful are you? Have you reached your financial goals? Are you able to sustain your minimum income needs without working yourself into the ground?

And do you know how to handle the issues associated with being a sexuality professional on the Internet in our sex-negative and censor-happy world? For instance, how can you avoid being censored or shut down for including the word “sex” in your posts or ads on Facebook? And how do you pivot if you are eventually shut down? 

Pro-Tip: Start building your email list using a trusted mailing list or newsletter provider (not just a list of names in your contact list) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Even if you’re not ready to start sending emails to that list, getting people’s email addresses and their permission to send them messages means that even if Facebook or one of the other social media networks shuts you down, you won’t lose all your warm prospects. You OWN your mailing list. Facebook owns your list of friends. Read more here.

At Sex Coach U, we go even deeper. We bridge the gap that’s often missing in other sex coach training programs (and even expensive Master’s degree programs in therapy and related fields) through our Business of Sex Coaching (BOSC) program.

BOSC is part of our Core Certified Sex Coach™ training—designed BY sex coaches FOR sex coaches—to empower you to start your new career off on the right foot. 

Imagine a future as a highly-trained, competent, and SUCCESSFUL sex coach. A future where all of your money woes go away, where your ideal clients have no problem finding you, where you get to experience the freedom of being your own boss. A future where you can set your own hours, work from anywhere (the comfort of your own home, the beach, a mountain cabin), and take the time off you need to enjoy life or tend to other obligations.

Instead of spending countless hours trying to figure out how to build a business from the ground up or how to make your existing business more profitable, you’ll learn the pathway to making your new career a dazzling success. Through the Business of Sex Coaching, we teach you what you need to know to create and launch a successful sex coaching practice immediately after graduation.

Watch Dr. Patti’s introduction to this program:

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Instead of getting stuck figuring out how to blend your business training with your sex coach training, you can take advantage of an express roadmap to success as a sexuality professional. 

This is what makes BOSC a truly unique program—it laser-focuses on the areas a sex coach needs most.

What you’ll learn in The Business of Sex Coaching:

  • Conquer your money blocks by changing your money mindset
  • Work smarter, not harder by managing your time effectively
  • Chart the path of your future by setting your business vision and intention
  • Define success and set achievable business goals to get you there
  • Create a bulletproof business model that works for YOU
  • Identify, reach, and serve your ideal clients who will happily pay well for your services
  • Design your website and social media to sizzle and sparkle so that they resonate with your ideal clients
  • Create and monetize your unique message to the world so that you are well compensated for your passion
  • Mastermind and execute a sell-out launch
  • Onboard new clients: how to finesse the initial conversation, assessing if they are the right fit, and getting them started on your coaching program
  • Build your professional referral network of therapists and practitioners to give you a constant stream of new client inquiries

You can check out the full BOSC Curriculum here. 

Group Business Coaching

BOSC students get to participate in group business coaching sessions twice a month, including monthly Inner Game group coaching with Sex Coach U Founder and CEO, Dr. Patti Britton, and monthly Outer Game group coaching with Sarah Martin, Business of Sex Coaching Co-Creator.

Check out this group of enthusiastic students participating in one of our Inner Game coaching sessions with Dr. Patti!

Business and Marketing Focused Co-Working

BOSC students are also invited to join weekly focused co-working sessions. Stay accountable for completing your BOSC coursework and building your practice throughout your journey at Sex Coach U! 

The Certified Sex Coach™ training program weaves together everything you need to know and do—sexology, coaching, and business and marketing—to launch and sustain a thriving sex coaching practice. Within a few short months after graduation, you could be enjoying freedom and prosperity doing something that brings you great joy and has a tremendous impact on the world.

Check out what one BOSC graduate had to say about her experience with this program!

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The Sex Coaching World Needs the Unique YOU!

With every new cohort of students, we see just how diverse and unique each and every one of you is, and with that comes a powerful vision for sex-positive change. It’s our mission at Sex Coach U to shepherd you through the Core Certified Sex Coach™ training program while arming you with the business fluency that will set you up for success come graduation via BOSC. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur ready for a new adventure, or you’re a career changer seeking to go out on your own, our curriculum is focused on ethical marketing skills, best business practices, and pragmatic time-management tips so that you can bring your vision to life.

To learn more about the program and how to apply, sign up for an info session here.

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