Who We Are

Sex Coach U is two things:

  • A team of people devoted to helping others learn to become amazing sex coaches and build thriving careers doing what they love.
  • A community of students and graduates who are passionate about learning all they can, are deeply supportive of one another, and are dedicated to ensuring sexual wellness and freedom for all.

Many sex positive people long to make a living helping people heal and enjoy their sex lives, but don’t know how to do so. At Sex Coach U, we provide comprehensive training in sexology, coaching, and business so you have everything you need to launch a satisfying and sustainable career as a sexological clinician.


Incredibly Informative Program

SCU has been an incredibly informative program. It has not only been comprehensive in its training for sex coaches, it has helped me as a certified sex therapist! It also had me explore my own reactions to the material–something our training in sexuality doesn’t always leave ‘space for.’

Robin Siegal, LCSW, CST

Our Origins: Where It All Began

Sex Coach U was founded in 2010 by Dr. Patti Britton and Dr. Robert Dunlap. 

Dr. Patti pioneered the whole profession of sex coaching in the early 1990s, after spending 20 years working in sexual education and sexual health.

As a fierce champion of sexual rights and freedoms, she struggled to work within the traditional medical paradigm, which treats sexual concerns as pathologies. She knew there had to be a more sex positive way of working with clients.

So Dr. Patti blended life coaching and clinical sexology to create sex coaching. She launched a private practice helping clients using this new approach, she wrote the first (and only) book on how to be a sex coach, and finally, she and Dr. Robert decided to create Sex Coach U to deliver comprehensive training in sex coaching.

Under Dr. Patti’s leadership, Sex Coach U trained hundreds of students from 80 countries around the world and achieved global recognition and respect.

In early 2022, at 75 years old, Dr. Patti decided to step down from the leadership of the organization in order to pursue other passion projects. She is still teaching out the program to the last cohort of students who enrolled while she was at the helm.

Learn more about Dr. Patti’s story and Sex Coach U’s origins here.

Our Next Generation: Carrying the Torch into the Future

Today, the next generation of leaders and faculty have stepped up and are continuing Dr. Patti’s legacy. They are carrying her vision into the future and continuing her mission to train and empower sex coaching professionals to bring sexual wellness, joy, pleasure, and freedoms to all.

Each of our new faculty members are graduates of our program, who then became members of our staff, and were ultimately hand-picked and trained by Dr. Patti herself to step into leadership roles and become the new faculty.

Dr. Norelyn Parker

Dr. Norelyn Parker

Dr. Norelyn Parker
Certified Sex Coach
Sacramento, CA

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Dr. Celina Criss

Dr. Celina Criss

Dr. Celina Criss
Certified Sex Coach

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Amanda Vee

Amanda Vee

Amanda Vee
Certified Sex Coach
Los Angeles, CA

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A Toolbox Filled with Tools

“My training at SCU was phenomenal! It has expanded my capacity to be curious, compassionate, empathetic, and vulnerable. I am graduating with a toolbox filled with tools to share with my clients! And for that, I say thank you SCU!”

Kerlin Charles, Certified Sex Coach™, Grenada

Our Mission: What We Believe

Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert decided early on that their mission was to offer their teachings to people all around the world. Their dream was to create a global community of sex-positive peers working with the holistic, client-centered MEBES© model, to high standards of professional excellence. 

Sex Coach U is the manifestation of that dream, and we are continuing with this vision.

Since our creation back in 2010, our mission has been to train and equip people across cultures and from all sexuality-related backgrounds to follow their sacred calling while also living life on their own terms and being financially supported.

We passionately believe that sex coaching is the new paradigm in working with sexuality, enabling both clients AND coaches to be empowered so that everybody wins. 

This means that we want clients to receive the highest standard in care and expertise, while our sex coaches develop a successful business model so they can be fully supported and thrive in their work.

As sex coaching is still an unregulated field, we have set the standards in both professional excellence and ethical business modeling, which is reflected in our core values.

woman smiling in a field practicing gratitude for better sex

Sex Coach U Core Values

❤️ Coming from service

❤️ Advocacy for sexual freedom, health, rights, and pleasure

❤️ High standards of excellence

❤️ Sexological approach throughout

❤️ Prosperity consciousness in action

❤️ Authenticity & positive role modelling


Our Teaching Philosophy: An Embodied Approach to Learning

At Sex Coach U, we recognize the importance of comprehensive training and reputable certification for people wanting to help others achieve sexual wellness and be regarded as respected professionals.

We believe in a whole-person approach that doesn’t shy away from any aspect of our being. Our signature system, MEBES, empowers you the clinician to delve deeply into the five realms of your clients’ sexual self: body, mind, emotions, energy, and spirit. 

This holistic approach infuses all of our training. 

You will be guided to fully embody your studies through our integrated learning approach, focusing on all three primary learning domains:

Cognitive, Affective, and Behavioral (CAB)

You will be given information and asked to think about what you’re learning (cognitive), you will learn to process your emotions around your own sexual journey and how to elicit emotional responses from your clients (affective).

You will gain a lot of experiential practice (behavioral), as well.

You’ll be applying the CAB approach throughout your studies so that you become a fully embodied sex coach.

Instant Connection to a Global Family

“What I loved was the depth and quality of the curriculum, the personal​ ​and caring involvement of the instructors, mentors, and staff. That students and graduates ​alike have ​an instant connection to a global SCU community.”

Kim Bryson, Certified Sex Coach™

Our Global Family: Diverse and United

Of course, the founders, the faculty, and the staff are only part of who makes up Sex Coach U. One of our greatest strengths is the community–the family–that we have created since our inception in 2010. 

With students and graduates from over 80 countries around the world, our family is global and yet tight-knit. 

We come from all walks of life, career and educational backgrounds, and are different ages, ethnicities, genders, etc — and yet, we all share some core, underlying values and goals. 

We are all passionate about transforming the sex negative cultures we come from. 

We’re all committed to transforming people’s sex lives into ones full of joy, passion, connection, and consent. 

We are all Change Makers, focused on securing sexual wellness and freedom for all. Our graduates are making a difference in their local communities all around the world.

If you’re the only sex positive person in your area, then you may feel quite lonely in your work. When you enroll at Sex Coach U, you instantly join our global family. You’ll never have to feel alone again.

Is It Time to Embrace Your Calling?

You will be embraced by this family of like-minded, like-hearted, sex positive change agents and you will be supported throughout your journey at Sex Coach U and beyond. 

Do you feel a calling to be a social change agent, an advocate for healthy sexuality, a promoter of sexual wellness, a healer who is also ready to heal yourself?

Are you longing to be part of a thriving community of sex positive professionals?

Are you ready to take your place in this global movement?

If so, then Our Story is Your Story.

Welcome home.


Meet the Team

Dr. Patti Britton, Ph.D., Master Certified Sex Coach

Sex Coach U Co-Founder ~ aka “Mother of Sex Coaching”

Dr. Patti is in the very top leadership globally and is a well-respected luminary in the field of sexology. Britton earned a Ph.D. and Masters in Public Health, both in Human Sexuality. She is a Master Certified Sex Coach. Dr. Patti has led 55 SAR programs (2007-2019) in seven countries for over 1,500 people.


Jordan Vecchio, M.A., Certified Sex Coach

Manager of Business Programs at Sex Coach U

Jordan Vecchio is the Manager of Business Programs at Sex Coach U. She is a Certified Sex Coach, and she holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology with a Specialization in Gender and Sexuality. In her work at SCU, she integrates her experience in small business entrepreneurship…


Dr. Agata Loewe

International Training Director

Agata Loewe is a clinical cross-cultural psychologist, systemic family psychotherapist, and sexosopher of sexology. She is a founder of Sex Positive Institute in Poland, a sex positive activist, advocate, and educator. For the last seven years, she has consulted with NGOs dealing with equal opportunities for people at risk of social exclusion and the promotion of mental, sexual, and reproductive health. Her specialty is consciousness raising and she has expertise in gender and sexual diversities…


Dr. Norelyn Parker, Certified Sex Coach

Sex Coach U General Manager & Student Services Coordinator

Dr. Norelyn Parker is a graduate of Sex Coach U and is currently based out of Sacramento, California. She holds her PhD from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality and completed her sexological bodywork training through the European Academy of Somatic Education when she lived in Germany.


Dr. Celina Criss, Certified Sex Coach

Adjunct Faculty & Curriculum Consultant

As a Certified Sex Coach and Humanist Sexologist, Dr. Celina (she/her) helps individuals and couples explore their personal sexual landscapes with playfulness and curiosity. She believes that pleasure and sexual wellbeing are essential, and that sex-positive culture starts at home.


Kincaid McMinn, Certified Sex Coach

Launch Manager & General Administrator

Kincaid is a Clinical Sexologist and proud graduate of Sex Coach U. Originally from Dallas, TX, he now calls Los Angeles, CA his home, where he helps people who struggle with Sex and Dating to “move from Performance and Pressure, to Play and Pleasure.”


Julia Satterlee, Certified Sex Coach

Student Advisor

Julia Satterlee identifies as a pleasure instigator, passionate about guiding couples & single folks to the shame-free, pain-free, connected, joyful sex & relationships we all deserve. As a Certified Sex Coach & proud grad of SCU, with two decades of experience in sex education, peer education, & human rights advocacy, Julia is delighted to…


LeKara Simmons, Certified Sex Coach, MPH, CHES

Student Advisor

LeKara Simmons, who lives in Georgia, USA, is a Sex Coach U student and has joined the team as a Student Advisor. She has over 10 years of experience educating adolescents, parents, and young adults in sexual health and sexuality.

Lisa Welsh

Lisa Welsh, Accredited Sex Educator & Sex Coach in Training

Marketing Manager

As the Marketing Manager for Sex Coach U, Lisa brings a wealth of expertise and deep commitment to the field of sexual wellness. With a BA Honours in Business Management, she adeptly navigates the complexities of marketing within this sensitive domain. In addition to her role at SCU, Lisa plays a vital part in supporting the Communication Committee for the World Association for Sexual Health. Working closely with international professionals in sexual health, rights, justice, and pleasure, Lisa contributes significantly to global dialogues and initiatives in these fields.


Amanda Vee, Certified Sex Coach

Coaching Skills Coordinator & Faculty Member

Amanda Vee is a Certified Sex Coach, Clinical Sexologist, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Personal Trainer. While a student at Sex Coach U, she assumed the role of Student Ambassador. It was then that she began the SCU Book Club, which she still facilitates. Upon graduating, she took on the role of Coaching Skills Coordinator and joined the faculty.


Jacee Niblett, Certified Sex Coach

Marketing Assistant Manager

Jacee Niblett is a Certified Sex Coach and Marketing Assistant Manager for SCU. Based in the Central Pennsylvania area, her background is in the pleasure product industry as an educator and writer. 


Greig McArthur

Graphics, Art & Desktop Publishing

Greig McArthur is a visual and graphic artist and performer. Originally from Scotland, where he studied at the Glasgow School of Art, he lives in Munich, Germany. Greig runs McArthur & McArthur Studios, a sex-positive art and event location. “The Studio” is a safe and welcoming space where all people have permission to explore themselves and their interests in an open-minded, inspiring atmosphere. Together with Dr. Celina, he nurtures the kink, rope, and BDSM communities through regular workshops…


Sue Merlino, CADC

Videographer & Video Editor

Sue wears many hats and loves to add the Sex Coach U video curriculum to her list of accomplishments. She has worked with both the archived footage and has captured the new footage to create the latest video curriculum that is available. Sue recently moved to the Los Angeles area from Boston, MA, and she enjoys working on podcasts in her home studio. She is also a Certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner.


César Ferrán

SCU Ambassador

César Ferrán is an official SCU Ambassador while a student of Sex Coach U for organizations in Mexico, other Latin American countries, and Canada with special focus on Spanish speaking individuals. He holds a degree in Clinical Psychology as well as studies in various branches such as Philosophy and Thanatology, an MBA with a specialty in human resources and the certification as…


Sir Anthony Spease

Website Designer

Sir Anthony Spease is an essential part of the team at Sex Coach U. Not only is he the producer of the podcast hosted by Dr. Patti, “Your Boomalicious Life,” he also built the websites for Sex Coach U and ASPEXtraining.com. He produced the famous online radio show, “The Boom Doctors,” which was hosted by Dr. Patti and Dr. Robert, for over 150 episodes…