Our Manifesto

  1. Sexuality is an essential, natural, and healthy part of being human; we as humans are sexual beings lifelong, from conception to death.
  1. Sexual rights are human rights; all adult sexual expression is acceptable, as long as it is with consent and without intentional harm.
  1. Every person deserves to choose whether, how, and with whom they wish to express their sexuality, alone and/or with a partner.
  1. Every person deserves to and can have the sexual aspects of one’s life become realized; every person also has the obligation to take responsibility for their sexual actions and the impact on self, others and the global environment.
  1. People do not get rid of parts of themselves as sexual beings; they learn how to embrace and accept those aspects of self.
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  1. Most practitioners of medicine and mental health care are inadequately trained and prepared to meet the sexual needs of their patients.
  1. Sex coaching is a direct, powerful and transformational pathway to sexual healing, sexual wellness, and sexual success.
  1. Being a sex coach is one of the highest professions one can choose, empowering the sex coach to clear oneself first, then to become the greatest container for the sexual well-being of clients.
  1. We at Sex Coach U serve as role models for sex-positivity, sexual empowerment, sexual health, and sexual success to the world.
  1. We as sex coaches give back to the global community and advocate for sexual well-being and for sexual diversity/inclusivity/equity in all forms. As certified sex coaches, we promote and advocate for sexual freedom and humanistic perspective of sexuality wherever and whenever we are able.

Code of Ethics

Sex Coach U has a Code of Ethical Principles that is contained in the Sex Coach U Manifesto and upholds the Code of Ethical Standards and Values of several organizations, including:

The basic tenets for ethical standards at the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT) with the exception: We uphold the right for sex coaches who are trained and certified by the Sex Coach U to use healing and appropriate touch.

The World Association of Sexual Health Declaration of Sexual Rights: https://worldsexualhealth.net/resources/declaration-of-sexual-rights/

The World Association of Sexual Health Declaration on Sexual Pleasure: https://worldsexualhealth.net/declaration-on-sexual-pleasure/

The Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance: https://www.woodhullfoundation.org/

The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality: http://sexscience.org/

code of ethics, sex coach u

The beliefs, credos and practices of other well-regarded organizations, including:

SIECUS: https://siecus.org/

Planned Parenthood: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/

The World Health Organization: https://www.who.int/

The National Coalition For Sexual Freedom: https://www.ncsfreedom.org/

Kink Aware Professionals: https://www.ncsfreedom.org/key-programs/kink-aware-professionals-59776

Pink Therapy: https://pinktherapy.org/

The American College of Sexologists International: http://www.americancollegeofsexologists.org/

The 4D Network: http://www.4-dnetwork.com/

And other human/sexual rights groups advocating for sexual rights, sexual wellness, and freedom.

We uphold Dr. Patti’s credo, “Celebrate your sexual self!”