Are you ready to turn your passion for sexual wellness into a fulfilling career?

When you become a Certified Sex Coach, you’ll do just that. Plus you’ll enjoy financial security, schedule flexibility, and location freedom!

Imagine…answering your calling and launching your dream career 

You’re passionate about sexual wellness and you long to make a career out of helping people resolve their sexual concerns while making a positive impact on your community.

But in these challenging times, you may be wondering: Can I really have a career that feeds my soul AND allows me to feed my family?

We’re here to tell you: YES, you can have it all!

You can find career happiness, economic stability, freedom to be yourself, and deep job satisfaction from PIVOTING into a new career as a sex coach. 

Why would you want to become a Certified Sex Coach?

❤️Control your own financial destiny. 

❤️Work whenever and wherever you want, and still make enough income to weather whatever storms come your way. 

❤️Have the freedom and flexibility to keep up with household chores, to indulge in your hobbies, to spend time with your kids. 

❤️Make enough to pay off your home, your car, your student loans, and even start saving for retirement.

What if you could even confidently take time off to care for your whole self: body, mind, heart, and spirit?

And what if you could do all this while building a career you love, doing something you’re passionate about, and that is so satisfying, it feels more like answering a higher calling than working at a job?

❤️If you’re the person all your friends turn to for sex advice…

❤️If you’ve started a blog, a podcast, or a YouTube channel to share sexuality education…

❤️If you’re already working with some aspect of sexuality and want to enhance your knowledge, expertise, and reputation…

❤️If you want to be the go-to sexuality professional for your community…

❤️If you know that the way you want to change the world is to make it a much more sex-positive, pleasure-positive, and consent-based culture…

❤️And if you are longing to leave a soul-sucking job or stop working yourself to the bone as a struggling entrepreneur…

Then, you may want to become a sex coach!

Learn more about what sex coaching is and is not here.


SCU Gave Me the Tools

“SCU has been so enriching & gave me the tools to guide my clients to their sexual fulfillment.”

Doris Michelleti, USA & Italy, SCU Graduate

Imagine…being respected around the world

This is the perfect time to pivot and start a new career doing something you love that will give you the freedom to live the life you want.

And we’re the perfect sex coach training and certification organization to help you manifest all of your career and lifestyle dreams. 

We developed the very first sex coach training and certification program in the world and have achieved global recognition and respect for our comprehensive, evidence-based training. 

In fact, we’re the only program recognized by the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS).

At Sex Coach U, we give you everything you need to know, do, and have in order to confidently step into your new role as a Certified Sex Coach.

And we support you all along your journey.

Plus, you can complete our online program at your own pace from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else in the world!

Our approach is holistic, heart-centered, and love-driven. And we teach you to bring those same qualities to your work with clients. 

Imagine…knowing exactly what clients might need and knowing YOU can deliver

At Sex Coach U, we honor your experience and we celebrate your passion for sexual wellness! 

Our comprehensive core curriculum teaches you both SEXOLOGY (the “what”) and COACHING (the “how”).

So, when your patients, customers, or clients come to you asking for sexuality guidance, you will know exactly what they need and how to help them resolve their sexual concerns.

Plus you’ll get ample opportunities to practice what you’re learning during our frequent group coaching and live practice sessions each month.

Click here for more info on our Core curriculum.

You’ll master our holistic, evidence-based system for conducting clinical assessments and action plans. This system was developed by the pioneer of the profession of sex coaching, Dr. Patti Britton, who also co-founded Sex Coach U.

The name of this model is the MEBES™ Signature System, which stands for Mind, Emotions, Body/Behavior, Energy, and Spirit—the five realms that comprise our sexual selves.


SCU Taught Me How to Have a Successful Business

“The highlight of the program for me was how thorough it was. The program is structured that it gives you all of the tools and resources you need to really open up a solid and financially successful business in the field of clinical sexology.”

Dr. Valerie Poppel, Bethany Beach, DE

Imagine…thriving as an entrepreneur while being a great clinician

You may already be helping people resolve their sexual concerns in some way. You might even be getting paid for it. 

But imagine how much more effective and financially successful you could be if you had specialized business and marketing training, uniquely tailored to your new career as a sexological clinician. 

At Sex Coach U, in addition to the sexology and coaching training, we provide you with our brand new Business Quick Start training to get started as an entrepreneur so you’re empowered to launch your new sex coaching business.

In addition to the sexology and coaching courses, you will graduate with basic tools for achieving success with your new sex coaching practice within months of earning your certification.

Imagine…being part of a global family of like-hearted peers

When you enroll at Sex Coach U, you join an incredibly tight-knit, loving, supportive family that spans the globe and includes people from all backgrounds. 

You will start to become part of this professional network of like-minded and like-hearted peers as soon as classes start.

During your training, you’ll have numerous opportunities to plug into the community and get direct support from your peers and the Student Advisors.

❤️ Live interactive webinars in sexology, coaching, or business with special guest presenters who are experts in their fields

❤️ Live group coaching and mentoring sessions

❤️ Peer coaching practice sessions

❤️ Monthly book club

❤️ Curated intensives, often live or hybrid, like our SAR program

❤️ An extremely active private Facebook group for students and graduates

❤️ And more!

After you graduate, you’re entitled to fast-track membership in a number of professional organizations, to keep you connected to your peers and providing you with an instant professional network.

You’ll never feel alone as a sex-positive professional again.

By this time next year, you could be graduating with your Certified Sex Coach credential, empowered to change your corner of the world for the better.

It’s time to pivot and shine your unique light.


The Community Will Always Be With Me

“My journey through SCU was and always will be a pivotal and defining moment in my life. The experience was not only educating, but inspiring. And the community I now have will always be with me.”

Barbara Handel, Certified Sex Coach

What’s holding you back from having it all?

If you’re ready to make a positive difference in your client sessions, in your community, and in the world, it’s time to take action.

It’s your time to pivot and follow your true calling. But maybe you still have some concerns.

“I’m not sure this is the right time.”

We hear this a lot. The Certified Sex Coach training program requires a significant investment of time, money, and energy. It can feel like too much, and we understand that.

But if this is what you’re longing to do, if becoming a sex coach feels like your destiny, then perhaps this is the right opportunity. If you wait for the perfect time, that time may never come.

The reality is you could be sitting down with your first sex coaching client within just 15-18 months of enrolling in the Certified Sex Coach program.

You could start building your thriving practice even before you graduate and have clients lining up, eagerly waiting for you to open your doors.

A year after you graduate, you could easily have recouped your investment in the training.

“But I’m scared.”

Many of our prospective students feel scared to take this leap. Scared they’re going to fail. Scared they’re not going to have time. There are many things to be afraid of.

Fear is natural, especially when you’re embarking on a new journey. But fear and excitement run through the same parts of the nervous system. So imagine if that sensation you’re perceiving as fear is actually excitement instead!

There are so many things to be excited about in this profession. How many people get to support themselves with work that deeply satisfies them on a soul level? How often does an opportunity come around that lights you up like this one does?

You will love seeing the joy and relief on your clients’ faces when they finally enjoy the sex life they deserve, as a direct result of your help.

Imagine…stepping into your power today

Here’s some advice:

Stop listening to your head and drop down into your heart. Your head is generating those feelings of resistance.

❤️ It’s your heart that will help you know if this opportunity is right for you.

Imagine the excitement you’ll feel when you make the decision to enroll, the first step on your journey to a much more fulfilling life.

Imagine the confidence you’ll enjoy when you graduate from this program, ready to launch your thriving private practice.

Imagine your future as a successful sex coach.

So what’s your heart saying? 

Are you ready to take the next step?