Welcome home to your new sex coaching career!

Do you want to make a career doing what you LOVE?

Do you want to transform from a person who is passionate about sex, who everyone talks to about their sex lives, and who is obsessed with personal growth… to actually making a successful living as a sex coach?

And not just that, but being respected in your local community as the “go-to” sex expert?

And what if you could take a top-notch, world-class training from the comfort of your own home for less than the cost of eating dinner out every day?

If you’re ready to transform your life and FINALLY follow your dreams, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to the sex coach training you’ve been looking for.

Learn more about what sex coaching is and is not here

The Core Certified Sex Coach™ program will take you there

12 months from now, you could be sitting across from your first client, guiding them toward their sexual goals, listening deeply to their story.

You’ll feel prepared, competent, confident. You’ll watch them transform, a heavy burden removed from their shoulders.

​As they get up to go, they’ll happily hand you their session fee, saying “See you next week!” as they walk out of your office.

​You’ll have just gotten paid for doing something extraordinary—for helping someone to change their life.

For talking about sex without judgment.

How would it be for you to live your life on your own terms AND make a real impact on the world?

The Certified Sex Coach™ program at Sex Coach U is the ORIGINAL, most advanced, up-to-date, and in-depth sex coaching and clinical sexology certification in the world.

Our triadic approach to training includes sexology, coaching, and business, and can be completed 100% online

Sex Coach U offers the only sex coach training program in the world that has been recognized by the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS).

WAS is the pre-eminent global organization concerned with sexual health and rights. Members consist of thousands of sexologists in a variety of disciplines. It’s the highest esteemed organization in the world with regards to sexual health, rights and freedoms. In 2019, Sex Coach U presented the first Invited Symposium on Sex Coaching at the WAS international Congress held in Mexico City.

No other program gives you these credentials, recognition or sexological expertise.

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This really can be you

When you become a sex coach, you can be a facilitator for real HEALING in a career you feel good about. You can do this AND achieve your financial goals.

Let’s throw out the old paradigm where you had to choose between money and your passion. You can have BOTH!

Welcome home to your new community of sex-positive professionals and Certified Sex Coaches

We’ve been waiting for you and are so glad that you are here!


Sexual healing is possible

We live in a world where SEX SELLS, but many people are in real need of sexual healing. Sex is still a taboo topic, which means people suffer in silence for years before seeking help.

The first sexual revolution happened in the 1960s—almost 60 years ago!—yet people are STILL struggling with sexual concerns.

Was this you, too?

Here’s the secret: Everyone struggles with sexuality at some point in their lives.

You, too, have probably walked a path of healing and rebirth, so you know these feelings intimately: the shame, the fear, the sense that there’s just something wrong with you that can never change.

You know from your experience that it’s a profound way to feel alone.

Making this loneliness, shame, and confusion even worse that our laws and societal norms seem focused on keeping us in the dark, erotically-speaking.

More laws are being passed to restrict our sexual freedoms and bodily autonomy. We still don’t have accurate and comprehensive sexuality education in most schools.

Anyone who identifies as LGBTQIA+ faces ongoing persecution in many countries, including in countries where there are supposed to be legal protections.

Even the helping professionals most people gather the courage to turn to—the doctors, therapists, OB-GYNs, and the urologists—are of little help. Most receive so little training in human sexuality that they do not know how to help their clients.

Thankfully, there is a profession that focuses on helping people learn, heal, grow, and transform their sexual lives.

You know that sexual healing IS possible. And that it can be a powerful catalyst for transformation and personal growth because you’ve walked that path yourself.

Now you are PASSIONATE about bringing this experience to others and making a real impact on the world.

You’re in the right place!

Here’s more about sexual rights and our core values:

How to help your sex coaching clients find their voice

What sexual rights are and why they’re so important


“But, I don’t have the right training!”

We’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher, a trained therapist, a lawyer, a manager, are retired and want to follow your passion, or you have your own business, you’ll fit right in our community.

It doesn’t matter where you come from.

What matters is your desire and dedication to learn, your passion to help others, and the commitment to make a success of your career as a sex coach!

However, you must be willing to INVEST in yourself and your career.

If you’ve got all that—yes, we’ve got your back.

​You’ll train in a method that is smart, sex-positive, holistic and client-centered.

We’ll support you every step of the way to making your career dreams a reality so you can make your business work for you.

Your friends and your clients tell you about their pain all the time and you WANT to help them!

There are so many ways you CAN help them and guide them as they go through this process of sexual self-realization.

But, we’ll be direct. In order to be a success at this, it’s not enough to be really good at what you do or driven to change the world.

You also HAVE to build your skills as an entrepreneur.

The sky really is the limit for your career.

Keep reading and we’ll share some real numbers with you about your earning potential as a Certified Sex Coach™.

We want you to succeed

This is why business skills are an integral part of the Certified Sex Coach™ program from Day 1.

You’ll learn how to build your practice WHILE you go through the program, so that you have an eager audience knocking down your door as soon as you are certified.

And we’ll be guiding you through this process with direct feedback throughout your journey.

For example, while you study, you can set yourself up for success by:

  • Speaking on stages to large audiences

  • Delivering custom workshops and informational sessions

  • Networking with other professionals to build your referral network

  • Building your brand through sex journalism, podcasting, and broadcast media

And, once you’re certified, you can do so much more beyond private sessions…

  • Leading retreats

  • Training professionals in your area and around the world

  • Individual client intensives

  • Group coaching

  • Touring college campuses

  • Teaching a course that you design at a university

  • Publishing books that showcase your knowledge and are accessible by thousands


Become a sexual healer

You may have already been to workshops, taken courses, read books, watched videos on YouTube, and followed podcasts (in fact, many of our grads have podcasts you might already be listening to).

While these may have inspired you, you know it’s not enough to be able to work with clients in a sex coaching session.

You’re looking for clinical skills and expertise so you can take all of your knowledge and work effectively with clients.

Many of our students come to our program with a lot of knowledge already and then are delighted to discover new things about what people do sexually and how they think and feel about it.

What’s more, they have the chance to go through a next-level, personal, POWERFUL transformation. You will have that chance, too.

You can only take your clients as far as you’ve been, which is why this training enhances your own personal growth, too.

​During the Core Certified Sex Coach™ program, you’ll dive deep into your own sexual concerns, so you can be an effective facilitator for your clients’ SEXUAL HEALING.


Here are just some of the sexual concerns you can help TRANSFORM:

  • Orgasm difficulties

  • Rapid or early ejaculation

  • Painful sex

  • Body image issues

  • Uneven desire

  • Sexless relationships

  • Low libido

  • Sex after childbirth

“The highlight of the program for me was how thorough it was. The program is structured that it gives you all of the tools and resources you need to really open up a solid and financially successful business in the field of clinical sexology. I come from a business background, the program really helped me understand not just the clinical concerns, but how to have a successful business behind all of this.”

Dr. Valerie Poppel

Bethany Beach, DE

“Sex Coach U has taught me so much more than I thought I would learn when I started. Not only is it comprehensive and sex-positive, it holds up a mirror so that you can become the person that you wish to be and the best sex coach you can be. Through this training I feel confident and prepared to work with my clients and help them achieve their best sexual self.”

Alycia Curtis, Certified Sex Coach™

Alberta, Canada

“What I loved was the depth and quality of the curriculum, the personal​ ​and caring involvement of the instructors, mentors, and staff. That students and graduates ​alike have ​an instant connection to a global SCU community.”

Kim Bryson, Certified Sex Coach™

Ojai, CA

Our Trainings

Ready to begin your sex coaching journey? At Sex Coach U we have a variety of training options depending on which track you want to take and what works for your career. Click below to explore our online and live trainings for sex coaches.