Welcome to the Application Process

We’re so excited to meet you and see if you might be a good fit for enrolling in the Certified Sex Coach training program.

There are several stages to the application process, but don’t worrywe’ll walk you through it all, step by step.

Be sure you’re watching your email closely for communications from us. Most of our emails will come from the admissions@sexcoachu.com account, so be sure to whitelist that email address. But when you get to the interview stage, the person who will be interviewing you will reach out from their own sexcoachu.com email account.

Don’t Miss Our Emails!

We typically reply within a few hours (max 24 hours). To make sure you get all of our emails:

  1. Whitelist admissions@sexcoachu.com, admin@sexcoachu.com, and curriculum@sexcoachu.com.
  2. Check your Spam folder and any other tabs that your email client (i.e. Gmail) may organize our emails into.
  3. Do a search in your inbox for “sexcoachu.com.”

If you aren’t seeing emails from us, reach out to us RIGHT AWAY at admissions@sexcoachu.com.

We want to make sure your application doesn’t stall during our super-short application window!

Now let’s get your application started—we’re eager to meet you!

The first thing to do is to review and complete the following items:

Step 1:

  • Click here to review our Program Options page. Here you’ll get an overview of the different programs that are available, you’ll discover the advantage to selecting the combination option (the “Full Program”), and what all of these cost. Determine which Program Option you can afford and whether you’ll pay in full upfront or choose a monthly payment plan. Remember, you MUST be able to self-fund your training to be eligible for any of our programs.

Step 2:

  • Complete our extensive written application by clicking the button below. Be sure you answer every question as thoroughly as you can. We need to get a sense of who you are to see if you’d be a good fit for this program. Responses that are too short may result in your application being rejected or delayed.
Apply Now

Step 3:

  • The final step of the application process is your Application Interview. If we like what we see on your application, we’ll send you a link to schedule your interview. Please select the earliest available slot that fits in your schedule.
  • Then watch your email inbox closely:
    • You’ll receive a confirmation through our scheduling software.
    • You will also get an email from the Admissions account containing the Zoom link for your interview.
  • During the interview:
    • We’ll be evaluating if you’re a good fit for our program.
    • You’ll be encouraged to ask your own questions.
    • We’ll also discuss the various payment options available and figure out the best funding solution for you.

What Happens Next

💥 Once you’ve completed these steps and have been accepted into the program, our team will send you the paperwork you’ll need to complete in order to finalize your enrollment process.

We look forward to getting to know you better!