If you are a professional sex coach, I know you have a deep desire to help as many people as possible. Deep down, you may feel so passionate about your work and helping people that you would do it for free. But you also want to run a successful business. 

It can be a challenge to balance the desire to serve with the need to set prices for your sex coaching services that allow your business to sustain itself and generate income for you. 

In this article, I am highlighting some of the information and tools that are available in the Sex Coach U Business of Sexuality Specialists (BOSS) program, which was founded and created by Dr. Patti Britton and Certified Sex Coach Sarah Martin. This article will provide tips to help you set the right prices for your professional sex coaching services.

The Sex Coaching Pricing Challenge

You may wonder how much you should charge your clients for your services. Setting a low price may make it hard for you to make ends meet or invest in your business, while setting a high price may make you feel like you are being greedy or too expensive for the people you most want to help.

I want to acknowledge this challenge and reassure you that finding the pricing sweet spot that allows you to thrive both personally and professionally is possible. So, how can you balance your desire to help with the need for financial success? How can you set prices that are fair to both you and the clients you want to serve?

Some Food For Thought About Pricing Your Services

Just in case you’re feeling squeamish about charging anything above the bare minimum for your services, please know that making more money can benefit both you and your clients in several ways. 

If you charge premium rates for your coaching services that allow you to meet your income needs, you will likely then have the time and energy available to offer a few coaching slots to clients at reduced rates. For example, if your schedule is full with 10 clients per week who pay $200 per session, you could offer to see one client per week at $50 per session. You can also create opportunities for free or discounted seats in your courses or group programs. Let’s say you sell out your 6-week course on Boosting Libido for Women at $300 each for 10 women. You could then offer two pay-what-you-want seats.

Also, when you earn excess money, you can reinvest in your business. This will help you to expand your reach and visibility to people who benefit from the content you are already putting out for free through your social media posts, podcast, or blog articles. Remember, the sex-positive, fact-based education and super hot sex tips you provide through these channels are valuable and support your audience. Imagine how many more engaging posts you could put out each week if you have space in your budget to hire a social media assistant.

And one more thing to consider—when you set your prices so that you are meeting your income goals without having to work 24/7,  you can volunteer your time and straight up donate cash to support causes that are important to you. The point is, having more money can enable you to give back and make a positive impact on the world.

Tips for Finding Your Pricing Sweet Spot

To set the prices that are right for your professional sex coaching services, it will help if you consider a few key factors and ask yourself some strategic questions. 

You also need to know what tools can make it easy to set fair prices by taking the guesswork out of the equation. Doing this will help you feel more confident that you’ve found your pricing sweet spot.

Understand your target market

You are probably doing research to understand what your client niche wants and needs in terms of service features. Be sure to include questions about what they expect when it comes to pricing and payments. 

  • What modes of payment work best for the way you work with clients–online with a credit card, which may include processing fees, or cash in person, which means no fees involved? 
  • Do they like having payment plan options for higher-ticket coaching packages or do they prefer to pay in full upfront? 
  • Do they have the ability to independently decide they want to pay for your services or do they have to consult with anyone first? 

Knowing the answers to these questions will help you tailor prices that work for your clients and your business.

Know your position in the marketplace

Your position in the marketplace includes factors such as your education, training, experience, and expertise as a sex coach. It also includes where and how you offer your services. Further, it’s important to know your position in the marketplace as it compares to other providers in your marketplace.

It is common knowledge that the more time and energy you have put into honing your skills, the more you can–and probably should–charge for your services. When you are just starting out, it may make sense to set your prices at the lower end of the range that is appropriate for your services and niche and increase your prices over time.

Also, consider where you conduct your coaching sessions or hold your group coaching meetings. Do you see clients virtually or in person? If you see clients in person, where do you see them? You will have a higher overhead if you pay rent for a luxury office space in Los Angeles than if you meet with clients in a coffee shop or public park in Scranton, PA, and you will need to consider this when setting your prices. 

Take a business-by-the-numbers approach

Asking for what you want in exchange for your coaching services can bring up complex emotions and mental blocks, just like asking for what you want during sex. One solution is to set your prices based strictly on the numbers. Taking this approach helps you understand your time as a resource, your bottom line numbers, and your income needs accurately.

To get started, find easy-to-use online tools or work with a trusted financial professional to determine:

  • Personal and business budgets
  • Your sales and income forecast
  • Your unique live paid hour pricing baseline
  • Your investment and retirement target goals

As part of the SCU BOSS program, you have access to a set of spreadsheets designed to assist you in determining your business and personal expenses, your income requirements including taxes, your income forecast, your unique pricing baseline, and other vital data for doing business by the numbers. With this information, you can determine your pricing strategy and make any necessary adjustments as your business grows.

Setting the right prices for your professional sex coaching services can be challenging as you want to ensure that your services are accessible to the clients you desire to serve while also earning enough to meet your income goals so you can thrive. To do this, it’s important to consider your position in the marketplace, the needs and expectations of your client niche, your financial goals, and your bottom-line numbers. 

Please don’t waste your precious time overthinking your prices. I know you’d rather spend more time doing the important work you’re passionate about. And if you need to change your money mindset, do it. Remember that the more money you earn, the more significant positive impact you can make on the world. Finally, keep in mind you can always adjust your prices over time as needed. At the end of the day, you are the boss of your business.