Thank you for your interest in the Certified Sex Coach training program here at Sex Coach U! Prospective students often have the same questions about our programs and our application process, so we’ve answered the most commonly asked questions here.

Do we do the program at our own pace?

This program contains both self-paced elements and live, experiential elements. You need both the knowledge itself and the opportunity to learn how to apply and practice what you’ve learned.

However, while you can work at your own pace, there are time limits. You have a total of 18 months to complete all elements of the program, including the business training (which is released 6 months after starting the Core training).

If you are on an in-house payment plan, your payments must be made in accordance with your progress through the curriculum. If you’d like to move through the curriculum faster than your current payment plan, you can make extra or larger payments to speed things along.

How experiential is your program?

Other training organizations look down on online and self-paced programs as inadequate to properly prepare you to work directly with clients.

We couldn’t agree more. That’s why we have created multiple opportunities to engage in live group coaching sessions every month. These experiential learning sessions are a cornerstone of everything that we teach here at Sex Coach U.

Throughout your studies at Sex Coach U, you’ll be encouraged to take your learning into your own life, whether through a reflection exercise or by practicing a particular technique in the bedroom (whether solo or partnered).

You’ll also get to observe case studies throughout your training to witness how elite sex coaches work with real clients.

Plus, you have loads of opportunities every month to engage with your fellow students and faculty in live, experiential sessions:

  • Business-oriented co-working sessions, one time a week
    • These are fantastic opportunities to work on your business in the company of your peers. These sessions can alleviate feelings of loneliness AND you’ll get more done when you’re being held accountable by your fellow students.
  • Inner Game coaching from the BOSS business program, one time per month
    • If you struggle with limiting beliefs about money and success, you’ll get so much out of these group coaching sessions that are all about shifting your thinking into an abundance mindset.
  • Outer Game coaching from the BOSS program, one to two times per month
    • These group coaching sessions are designed to help you take action and implement the business and marketing strategies you’re learning.
  • Coaching skills practice sessions once per week
    • You get to actually put your burgeoning coaching skills to the test in a safe environment with your peers and our Coaching Skills Coordinator. You will receive insightful and actionable feedback to improve.
  • Rendezvous or Office Hours with your faculty, two to four times per month
    • Rendezvous sessions are your chance to meet with faculty and other students to get questions answered, work through difficulties you’re having with the material, or just hang out and be in fellowship.
  • Live, interactive webinars twice per month with top-level experts in the fields of sexology coaching and business.
    • To expand and extend our curriculum, we seek out the top influencers and invite them to give our community exclusive workshops on their area of expertise. You’ll learn from experts such as:
      • Meg John Barker; on GSRD
      • Cody Daigle-Orleans; on ACE (asexuality)
      • Richelle Frabotta; on disability
      • Faith Harper; on marketing
      • Alex Iantaffi; on trans clients
      • Ian Kerner; on couples’ issues
      • Betty Martin; on Wheel of Consent
      • Laurie Mintz; on literacy
      • Holly Richmond; on trauma recovery
      • Nwachi Tafari; on diversity
      • James Wadley; on sex therapy
      • Nan Wise; on neuroscience

These live, interactive sessions are the heart and soul of making sure you succeed, thrive, and grow as an aspiring sex coach.

With so many chances to participate in our 16+ hours of live events each month, you will get the experience you need to be competent and confident in your new career when you graduate.

The fact is success can never be given by someone else. We give you the roadmap, put the roadmap here, and you take the steps on the professional and personal growth journey. Ready? 

How many hours per week should I expect to devote to my studies?

We can’t tell you how many hours to set aside for your studies, because everyone is different in terms of how fast they read, watch, and process material, and everyone’s schedule is different. However, time estimates are provided in the Study Guides, so you’ll have a general idea of how long it should take you to complete each course.

You will want to make sure you put in several hours per week in order to keep up with it all and finish in time.

Don’t let procrastination steal your motivation! Our best advice is to just do it. Don’t think about it, just carve out the time, make sure your family understands how important it is not to interrupt you during those hours, and then sit down and do it.

What support will I receive during my studies?

At SCU, we pride ourselves on our global community of sex coaches and sexologists.

On enrollment, students are assigned to a Student Advisor who reviews their work periodically to evaluate their progress. Student Advisors are available on a limited basis for one-on-one help with any study concerns and technical support.

All students have multiple opportunities to participate in live events throughout each month:

  • Rendezvous Sessions are a chance to connect with student advisors and fellow students to discuss various topics related to sexology, get your questions answered, and connect with each other. These are live group coaching and mentorship sessions designed to empower, encourage, and support our students on their study journey.
  • Peer Coaching Practice Sessions are weekly opportunities to actually practice coaching skills during a mock session in a safe container with other sex coaches in training who are also learning and exploring how to coach. Each session is unique and focuses on a particular coaching skill or element of the coaching relationship.
  • SCU Book Club meets monthly to dive deep into a book on sexuality or coaching that is considered essential reading for sex coaches and sex coaches in training. The discussions are deep, intriguing, and often lead to vulnerable and authentic sharing by participants who say it’s a chance to “gain insight otherwise never gleaned, and gain a whole new appreciation or even an entirely different perspective on the book or on the world.” (Kincaid McMinn, SCU Graduate)
  • Our twice-monthly SCU Presents! Webinars feature guest presenters who are experts in their field and are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with our students. Students get the opportunity to check in with each other at the beginning of each webinar, and they also have the chance to interact directly with the guest expert during the Q&A following the presentation. Occasionally, we also offer Bonus Webinars with individuals who are at the top of their field of expertise. These webinars expand our curriculum content and add high value to your studies.
  • All students can enjoy our highly-engaged private Facebook community of students and graduates. Use the group to share your progress, inform the community about your work, and to ask for support. We strongly encourage students to use this community to form friendships and professional collaborations.
  • We also have two live training events: SAR and ASPEX. These are great ways to make connections and form friendships with other community members. SAR can be attended in person or as a virtual event (see for more info). ASPEX is an intense, immersive, week-long in-person retreats designed to elevate and deepen your ability to be a clear, compassionate, competent container for your clients (see for more info).

Will we be writing papers and a thesis like in a masters program? Are there tests?

No, you will not be taking tests or submitting papers or theses.

At the end of each course, there are 2 types of self assessments: A self evaluation on whether you feel that you learned the content; and a 20-question multiple choice exam on the content covered in the course; with the answer key.

After you’ve completed all the material for each Module, you’ll submit a Module workbook. Your Student Advisor will review it and give you customized feedback on your progress so far.

We teach using Adult Learning Theory, which relies on you to self-direct your learning process. You will also complete a supervised practicum toward the end of the program, where you get to demonstrate your understanding of the material and your skills during live sessions with real clients. Your student advisor will review with you how your practicum sessions went and offer feedback.

Is it possible to see the material that is made throughout the training?

No, but a breakdown of the course curriculum can be found on our website. Our training is divided into 4 Modules, and each module contains instruction in clinical sexology, co-active coaching, and our unique Integrated Sex Coaching training that extends and synthesizes what you learn in the sexology and coaching courses.

Is there an updated version of the textbook, The Art of Sex Coaching?

In “The Art of Sex Coaching: Expanding Your Practice” by Dr. Patti Britton, a pioneering text in the field of sex coaching, readers are guided on becoming effective sex coaches. Published in 2005, the book is recognized for its foundational clinical insights, despite some outdated language regarding gender, sexual orientation, and identities. As the field of sexology evolves, it’s crucial to view such texts in context, acknowledging their historical significance while also recognizing shifts in societal norms and terminology.

Sex Coach U encourages students to approach this and other seminal works, like “The Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction” by Hartman & Fithian (1972), with an appreciation for their historical context. These texts offer valuable insights, though some concepts might seem dated.

For example, the Sensate Focus technique, initially designed for heterosexual married couples, is adaptable for partners of all identities and orientations today, emphasizing the universal human experience of physical pleasure and sexual wellness.

The curriculum at Sex Coach U doesn’t solely rely on these classic texts. It integrates contemporary perspectives in sexology, coaching, and business, covering new modalities for healing and current trends. This includes webinars featuring experts across various domains, an essential part of the curriculum alongside the lectures and traditional texts.

While acknowledging the outdated aspects of “The Art of Sex Coaching,” such as binary gendered language, outdated terms like “transsexual,” and a lack of focus on LGBTQIA+ issues or intersectionality, the book’s core intention remains vital: promoting a holistic and humanistic approach to sex, sexual behavior, and identity.

For SCU students, the challenge is to look beyond the dated terminology, extract foundational practices and research, and contribute to developing new, affirming, and inclusive practices celebrating human sexuality.

Is it a one year program and on a Bachelor’s degree level?

While many people get this program done in 12-15 months, you have a total of 18 months to complete it.

It is more like a graduate program. In fact, the International Institute for Clinical Sexology (IICS) has determined that Sex Coach U graduates have the equivalence of a Master’s degree, so any of our graduates who hold a Bachelor’s in a healthcare-related field are eligible to apply for their PhD program in Clinical Sexology.

How does Sex Coach U compare to other programs?

Quite simply, we don’t. Don’t be fooled by slick marketing and dazzling promises. No training guarantees you an income unless you do the work. In fact, that’s why we created a robust, comprehensive entrepreneurial business training program that stands out in the field of sexology and can even be taken as a standalone.

The Business of Sexuality Specialists (BOSS) program teaches you business strategy and implementation and helps you to develop a positive abundance mindset while working as an entrepreneur. You can move through the 13 in-depth courses sequentially, or you can dip in and out for the targeted guidance you need at any time. The BOSS program is customizable, depending on your learning style and circumstances.

When you complete the BOSS program, you’ll have everything you need to launch and grow your sex coaching practice. The confidence you’ll develop through the course of your studies sets you up for a wildly successful career.

Learn more about the BOSS program here.

How much does the training cost?

For a concise breakdown of the program options, what each one costs, and the features of each, please review our Program Options page.

Additional costs:

As part of the program, students must also buy the books and videos required for each course. Costs vary but are approximately under $300 USD.

❤️ BONUS: When you enroll, we will send you an Amazon gift card for $75 for you to buy the three main required textbooks for your studies!

All Sex Coach U students are required to successfully complete a SAR training prior to graduation. Costs for SAR vary by provider.

Learn more about the SCU Virtual SAR here.

To deepen your learning and personal development, students may apply to attend ASPEX training, which is offered once or twice per year as a residential experiential retreat. This is not compulsory to achieve certification but is highly recommended. The cost for ASPEX varies, depending on location, which includes accommodations, meals, and local travel to the venue. Students will need to cover the cost of flights and housing before/after the retreat.

Learn more about ASPEX training here.

What is SCU looking for in the selection process?

You must be over 21 years of age to apply to the Core Certified Sex Coach™ training program. Though, to be honest, it’s rare that we accept someone that young into the program, as it’s vital to have some life experience and maturity to draw on to become a Certified Sex Coach.

That said, we are looking for bright, energetic go-getters who are devoted to making the world a more sex-positive place through helping others achieve their optimal sexual wellness. There are no educational or employment prerequisites, though a history of doing something in the field of sexuality is a plus. This can be as simple as being the person everyone you know turns to for sex advice or as complex as being an MD who specializes in urology or gynecology — or anyone in between!

Ideal candidates for Sex Coach U have a background in therapeutic training, or experience in the pleasure products industry, adult entertainment, bodywork (sexological or other), sex education, life coaching, counselling, nursing, Tantra or other sacred sexuality modalities.

Career changers with prior college education and/or work or business experience are also ideal candidates. SCU is a complete training program, so it is entirely possible to transition from other, completely unrelated careers by achieving the knowledge and skills required to become a competent sex coach.

What you need, above all, is passion, dedication, self-discipline, motivation, and patience. You need a willingness to dive deep into your own psyche and work through and heal from your own sexual wounds. And you need to be open to new ideas and to the diversity of human sexual expression.

You will be challenged by this material, and you may even be triggered. You will need to have a reliable and effective support system in place and know how to self-soothe and regulate your emotional responses.

Finally, you need to be able to self-fund the tuition. If you do not have a consistent, reliable source of income that can cover your tuition payments AND your regular living expenses, then you are not a good candidate for the program at this time.

On the application, we’re specifically looking for people to fully answer our questions. One word and one line responses will not suffice. You need to show us who you are. Be authentic and demonstrate your enthusiasm. Answer our written questions thoroughly and from the heart in order to be seriously considered for enrollment.

What is the application process?

Students are accepted on a case-by-case basis depending on their application. Not everyone is accepted. In order to enroll in the program, students must complete a two-part application, which includes a written portion and a live Application Interview (conducted via Zoom). Applications are only accepted during short open enrollment periods, which usually only happen twice per year (Spring and Fall).

Space is limited in each enrollment, and seats fill up fast. Join the Interest List here to learn the next dates for enrollment and to be the first to secure your place.

Do you offer Scholarships?

Partial scholarships are awarded on a very limited basis. These need-based scholarships bring the tuition down 50%, therefore recipients must be able to cover the other 50% of the total tuition. Usually only one scholarship is awarded during each enrollment period, for an applicant in any of the following categories:

  1. Someone who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color residing in the United States
  2. Someone who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color residing outside of the United States
  3. Someone with a documented disability or other special circumstance
  4. Someone residing in Poland (for our special Dunlap Memorial Poland Award)

These scholarships are only available to exceptional candidates who:

  • Can justify an extreme financial need,
  • Can provide evidence of their ability to pay 50% of the regular tuition, in 18 equal monthly installments,
  • Can demonstrate their passion for this work, and
  • Are dedicated to serving the unmet needs of an underserved target audience.

Our enrollment team uses their discretion during each enrollment period to identify potential scholarship candidates. Those candidates will be given the opportunity to submit an additional questionnaire verifying their eligibility. The enrollment team will review all candidates and award scholarships toward the end of each enrollment period.

What credentials will I earn when I successfully graduate?

Graduating from this training gives you the title of Certified Sex Coach™, and upon graduation, you may add the initials “CSC” behind your name.

When you graduate, you qualify for instant eligibility to join the American Board of Sexology (ABS), the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS), and the America College of Sexologists International (ACSI).

SCU graduates with a prior Bachelor’s degree in a healthcare-related field are eligible to apply for the PhD in Clinical Sexology program at IICS (International Institute for Clinical Sexology), an accredited U.S. school based in Florida. Our program is the equivalent of a Master’s degree!

Since Sex Coach U is a global organization with students and graduates in over 80 countries and counting, we are proud to be recognized as an organizational member of the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS). As an enrolled student or graduate, you automatically become a member of this incredible international organization under our membership umbrella.

How long will it take to earn my certification?

The Certified Sex Coach™ training program is a self-paced study program. Students move through it at different rates. The average time to finish is 12-15 months. However, students have a total of 18 months to complete the program.

All students must also complete an SCU-approved SAR training and pay their tuition in full to be eligible for graduation and certification.

Can I apply for AASECT Certification when I complete my training?

Many prospective students ask if our program meets the requirements for certification through the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists (AASECT).​

As of Jan 1, 2021, AASECT CEs are no longer provided through Sex Coach U. AASECT certification is restricted to United States citizens. However, Sex Coach U is a global organization with students and graduates in over 80 countries and counting.

Therefore, we are proud to be recognized as an organizational member of the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS). As an enrolled student or graduate, you become a member of this incredible international organization under our membership umbrella.

You may still apply for AASECT certification, but you’ll need to consult them about their requirements and whether or not your studies at Sex Coach U will qualify. We do not guarantee AASECT certification will be granted as a result of completion of the Certified Sex Coach™ training program.

AASECT certification is awarded on a case-by-case basis, according to a candidate’s background and whether they meet the highly-rigorous AASECT criteria. Learn more here.

Where does SAR take place?

SAR takes place at different times during the year, in different locations around the USA and internationally. Each training is offered by an SCU-approved SAR provider or another recommended trainer. Past locations have included San Francisco, Phoenix, Warsaw, Poland, Berlin, Germany, Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Prague, Czech Republic.

In-person SARs were suspended for much of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a result, the Sex Coach U team developed an effective virtual SAR and is now offering that to SCU students twice a year. The fee for the SCU Virtual SAR is not included in your tuition.

Learn more about this unique training here.

Do I need to complete the SAR if I have already done one?

No, your previous SAR training will count. You will need to send your SAR completion certificate and a write-up on your SAR experience for submission to your student advisor. While you do not need to complete another to earn your certification, you may choose to take another to refresh your training.

Do I need to take any more training after I graduate?

The Certified Sex Coach™ program is a complete training program, providing you with all the skills and tools you’ll need to work and build a business as a competent sex coach. You do not need any further training after graduation in order practice as a Certified Sex Coach™.

That said, many of our students choose to take further training. Many have gone on to earn credentials in complementary fields like sociology, psychology, marriage and family therapy, counselling, GSRD therapy, or public health. Others choose to train in sexological bodywork, sacred sexuality, trauma therapy, or other holistic fields. 

We highly recommend students continue to invest in their professional development after graduation to keep up with the latest developments in sexology and sexual health. 

All students choose different paths, and it depends on the career goals and preferences of each student.

When can I start working as a sex coach?

SCU has a policy on working as a Sex Coach In Training, which you can view here.

In summary, SCU was created in order to provide the gold standard in sex coach training. We feel students are not ready to take clients through the full sex coaching process until they have completed their training and have passed their live practicum demonstration. This policy is to protect both students and clients from potential harm.

However, we acknowledge that many students who come to SCU already have prior training and experience in healing and therapeutic modalities and are already working with clients. 

We encourage students to start building their business, their online presence, and their professional network as soon as possible. There are many ways to do this without taking clients through the sex coaching process, which you can read more about here.

Student advisors will assess whether their students are ready to work as a sex coach before graduation and will make the final decision. 

Is SCU accredited with the International Coaching Federation?

No – sex coaching is a derivative of the field of sexology, not coaching. With Sex Coach U, you can be cross-certified with American Board of Sexology and the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists in the UK.

Also, Sex Coach U is the only sex coach training organization that has been approved for organizational membership in the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS), a highly respected global organization dedicated to sexual health and wellness for all. All Sex Coach U students and graduates also enjoy membership benefits under our membership status.

The Core Certified Sex Coach™ program opens two (2) times per year.