Do you have an email list? If so, then you know it’s the most important way you communicate with your audience. If not, then this article is for you.

As a sex coach, you’ll be presented with several challenges when it comes to marketing and communicating to your audience. Finding the right people can be hard, knowing how to talk to them can be tricky, and we all know what a nightmare social media can be for sex-positive people. 

It’s critical for you—and more importantly, your business—to have a following of people who are engaged and eager to hear from you. In fact, even if you were to choose email as the only channel you use to promote your services, your business could benefit in a massive way.

Email is still the most effective marketing method, converting more leads to customers than any other platform. Given the nature of our work and the state of our society, email marketing is a sex coach’s very best friend in business success.

Why email?

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A lot of people believe that “email is dead.” After all, it’s one of the first offerings of the Internet—how could it still be going strong after all this time, when we’ve gotten much quicker, cooler ways of communicating with each other?

Here’s the difference: email is personal. More than any other form of digital communication, email feels like a one-on-one conversation. It feels like a friend is coming to visit you and giving you the latest news, helpful tips, or much-needed words of encouragement. Email also allows you a range of formatting options, depending on your provider, giving you control over the mood and tone of your messaging. 

It’s also important to remember that your email list already has warm leads who want to hear from you. 

Think for a moment about how powerful that is. 

In our crowded, fast-paced Internet culture, an opt-in to your email list means something huge: you’ve won someone’s attention. When it comes to business—especially in the digital realm—attention is its own form of currency. If someone is willing to pay you in attention, they’ll be much more likely to pay for your services down the line, especially if you’re offering them in a thoughtful and persuasive way. 

One of the most significant—and often-forgotten—reasons for building your email list is the fact that it will be a huge asset to your business. Remember: you own your email list. You don’t own your list of social media followers, commenters, or subscribers. Those are owned by social media companies themselves, and they will profit more from your followers than you will. Social media is still an incredibly valuable tool, but it shouldn’t be your only solution for engagement. 

Finally, email lists are especially good for sex coaches because of the freedom you have to deliver your message. Sex is a highly charged topic in our world. Even the most innocuous sexuality topics—such as education and awareness—can potentially get you flagged as “inappropriate” on social media. This can lead you to lose a post and any engagement it’s received, or worse: you could have your entire account suspended. And when you do deliver that authentic message, your reader is much more likely to notice it in their inbox than in their social media feed.     

How can sex coaches make the most of email marketing?

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Copywriting is a complex topic—it’s no wonder why people spend years learning it! Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional writer to communicate effectively to your audience. 

  • Attract the right people to your list. The general recommendation is to build your list organically, rather than by purchasing email addresses. If you haven’t already, work on building a clear image of your ideal client avatar. Get curious about that person. What questions are they craving answers to? What tools and materials could help them take the first step on their journey toward working with you? Brainstorm about what your ideal clients need and offer it in exchange for an email address.
  • Focus on connecting and building relationships with your readers. Email marketing works so well because of its potential to feel personal. Boring, impersonal, and overly sales-focused emails are just as ineffective as not communicating at all, if not worse. The way to get around this is by being a real, accessible person to your audience. Let them know that you care about them, their goals, and their concerns, and that you’re around to help how you can. Respond to them when they reach out to thank you or ask you questions. When people know, like, and trust you, it melts away resistance and makes it easier for them to say “yes!” to you in the future. 
  • Make your emails feel like an event. Your emails can only be effective if people are reading them! Most of us have overstuffed inboxes and it can be easy to miss something that doesn’t grab our attention. Increase your odds of winning attention by consistently showing up with helpful information.

    That’s it—simple, but not always easy. To start, plan on reaching out to your audience on a regular, predictable basis. (For example, Tuesdays at 9:30 AM, PDT.) Practice writing compelling subject lines that stand out and let your reader know what to expect. And don’t be afraid to write with some personality! As a sex coach, you are your business. This means your service isn’t your only valuable offering: the unique personality and style with which you present that service is valuable, as well. 

Email marketing can seem intimidating, and honestly, it can require a lot of work. However, if you can find the time to implement a solid email strategy, your business will thrive and you’ll thank yourself for years to come.

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