Welcome to the SCU Certification: “Mastery” Path!

The SCU “Mastery” Path is a deep and comprehensive training program in sex coaching, clinical sexology, and business success. This newly renamed program encapsulates the depth and interactive nature of our most thorough training, preparing you to work effectively with clients and guide them through transformative sex coaching processes.

With over 500 hours of training in coaching and sexology, graduating from this program will earn you the title of Certified Sex Coach.

For your reference, here’s a summary of what you’ll learn on this page:

Our Triadic Training Model:

Clinical Sexology, Co-Active Coaching, and Integrated Sex Coaching

Sex Coach U's Triadic Training Model

The SCU “Mastery” Path is delivered in four Modules, each of which consists of elements of our comprehensive approach to earning your Certified Sex Coach™ credential.

The program features a triadic modality, and covers coursework in the three categories of Sexology, Coaching, and our unique Integrated Sex Coaching courses, which synthesize and extend what you learn in the Sexology and Coaching courses for an even richer experience.

Review the Full SCU Curriculum Here

Plus Business Training

You need more than passion and determination. And you need more than sexological knowledge or excellent coaching skills.

You need to know how to launch your sex coaching business.

We’ve got you covered.

The Business Quickstart program is a 14-day intensive that lays out the foundations for how to land your first clients. It equips you with the essentials you need to launch your sex coaching career. And it’s included as a Bonus in your “Mastery” Path tuition.*

When you become a Certified Sex Coach™ at graduation, you will be a qualified, competent sex coach, and you’ll feel confident in your ability to launch a profitable business while living your passion.

The MEBES© Signature System

The entire sex coach training at Sex Coach U is based on the MEBES© Signature System developed by our founder aka the Mother of Sex Coaching, Dr. Patti Britton.

Dr. Patti didn’t think the old models took the client far enough, which is why she wanted a holistic model that addresses the five areas (Mind, Emotions. Body/Behavior, Energy, and Spirit) in which a person or sexual relationship can become blocked, and then liberated.

Learn more about our holistic, evidence-based model here.

MEBES Model, sex coaching, sex coach training

Mind, Emotions, Body, Energy, Spirit

Sexuality is an integral part of being human and interacts with every other facet of our being.

You’ll learn to work with your clients as whole people and help them integrate their sexuality into their entire lives, so they can begin to live more authentically, healed, and whole.

The MEBES© Signature System gives you a proven, repeatable model to guide your work with clients.

This will be your framework and you’ll be encouraged to bring your own style to your sex coaching practice.

You really can make it your own and become the change you want to see in the world.

Sex Coaching Truly Touches Peoples’ Lives

“Sex Coach U was such a blessing to me. I had the opportunity to learn about how sex coaching truly touches people’s lives. The team at SCU is so generous in their offerings. “

Kaci A Mial, M.Ed., Certified Sex Coach, Bloomfield, NJ

How Our Hybrid Program Works

The SCU “Mastery” Path is a hybrid program involving both self-paced and live elements. It is designed on an Adult Learning Model which blends self-directed learning with experiential learning.

The foundational material–the informational, educational content–is delivered online as pre-recorded videos, readings, and exercises that you complete at your own pace. 

You will complete a study journal for each course. At the end of each Module, you’ll submit a workbook summarizing your take-aways from each course. This will be reviewed by your Student Adviser, who is assigned to you when you enroll.

Each month, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with your fellow students, faculty, and Student Advisors in numerous live events via Zoom.

  • Group coaching & mentorship sessions on coaching and sexology topics
  • Peer coaching practice sessions
  • SCU Book Club
  • SCU Presents! Webinars with guest expert presenters
  • Private student & graduate Facebook community

In our live sessions, you’ll discover how to apply the knowledge from the foundational materials. You’ll integrate the material, learn how to push through roadblocks, and practice the skills you’re developing. The interaction and engagement during these live sessions accelerate your learning.

Throughout your journey, you also have access to our vibrant student and graduate online community.

Together, we all support and encourage each other along the way.

SCU Presents! Webinar Series

Each month, you’ll get to attend and participate live (or watch the recording) in two or three information-packed webinars on the latest developments in sexology and on business building and career growth to make your practice a smashing success.

You’ll learn directly from members of the Sex Coach U team and allied professionals who are experts at the top of their game. These webinars extend and enhance our Curriculum, ensuring you are among the most highly-trained sex coaches out there.

Sex Coach U student Lisa Welsh says:

“I was stunned to see the number of guests who have shared their wisdom on those webinars. There are some real sexual health celebs in the line-up! I counted over 130 webinars–with none I’d be happy to skip.”

Past Webinar Guests include these incredible thought-leaders:

  1. Meg-John Barker, on Gender, Sexual, and Relational Diversity (GSRD)
  2. Cody Daigle-Orleans, on Inclusive Coaching for Asexual Clients
  3. Faith Harper, on Marketing with Authenticity
  4. Alex Iantaffi, on Working with Trans Clients
  5. Ian Kerner; on couples’ issues
  6. Dr. Betty Martin; on Wheel of Consent
  7. Laurie Mintz; on Becoming Cliterate
  8. Dr. Holly Richmond; on a Sex Positive Guide for Moving Past Sexual Trauma
  9. Dr. Nwachi Tafari; on a Sexuality Perspective of Diversity
  10. James Wadley; on sex therapy and sexuality advocacy
  11. Dr. Nan Wise; on sex and neuroscience
  12. Dr. Juan Michelle Martin; on Understanding the Pelvic Floor

Live Practicum Demonstration

As you approach graduation, you might wonder: Am I ready to do this?

Before you graduate, you demonstrate skills by completing a live practicum in order to become a sex coach.

This is your Supervision component of the program– to be sure that you have the competency to work with clients 1:1.

You receive honest feedback all along the way from your personal Student Advisor, who is an experienced, practicing sex coach, which will give you the CONFIDENCE to go out and walk your talk.

If you’re not ready, we tell you and guide you in how to improve your knowledge or skills, or to increase your self-confidence.

This is how you will know.

Here’s everything you get in the SCU  “Mastery” Path

21 courses in clinical sexology, co-active coaching, and Integrated Sex Coaching

Business Quickstart intensive to help you launch your new career

Dedicated Student Advisor

Weekly live group coaching & mentorship

Peer Coaching Practice Sessions

2 live community webinars a month

Supervised Practicum

Monthly book club

Private student Facebook group

Deep and Transformative…Opened Me Up

“Before enrolling at SCU, I expected an intriguing and thorough training from a trustworthy institution. Little did I know how deep and transformative this tutelage would be. SCU opened me up, not only to different aspects of sexuality but to different healing modalities and approaches to life. I’ve been given permission to embrace my spiritual curiosity, to listen to my intuition and pursue a more mindful life that is in keeping with my values.”

Georgia Rose, Certified Sex Coach, London, UK

What Happens After You Graduate

This isn’t just any sex coach training.

This is comprehensive and professional sex coach training with internationally-respected credentials behind it.

The end of your studies is the beginning of what comes next. You don’t want to be alone and you don’t have to be.

There are people, like you, all over the world, trained in a variety of modalities and working with different facets of human sexuality.

As a Sex Coach U graduate, you will be welcomed among this elite group of professionals and recognized as a peer.

We are the only sex coach training program in the world that has been granted officially-approved organizational membership status in the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS). All of our students and graduates are members of this influential, global organization.

When you graduate, you’ll not only have received cutting-edge training in sex coaching and become a highly competent professional, you’ll have proven yourself ready to join the ranks in the global field of sexology.

Fast-Tracked Membership in Professional Organizations

Because of the depth and breadth of our training, several professional sexological organizations recognize our graduates as having top-notch training and ethics. Therefore, they are willing to fast-track your professional membership and welcome you into their ranks. All of these memberships add to your authority and credibility and show your clients that you are indeed a competent and ethical professional.


You’ll be eligible for membership in the American Board of Sexology (ABS)​


You’ll be eligible for membership in the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS)


As an enrolled student or graduate, you become affiliated within the World Association for Sexual Health under our membership umbrella.

Earn Your PhD in Clinical Sexology

Sex Coach U graduates who already have a Bachelor’s degree in a healthcare field are eligible to apply for the PhD program in Clinical Sexology at the International Institute of Clinical Sexology (IICS), a globally-respected and fully accredited educational institution based in Florida, USA.

IICS considers our training the equivalent of a Master’s Degree program.

There really is no other sex coach training program that gives you these credentials, recognition, or sexological expertise.

The Course Has Broadened My Horizons

“Amazing program! The community is great and student advisors are helpful! The course has broadened my horizons in the aspects of sexuality and sexual concerns.”

Minas Pamboris, Certified Sex Coach, Nicosia, Cyprus

Your Investment (What the Program Costs)

As a Certified Sex Coach, your earning potential is unlimited.

There are many ways to scale up your sex coaching business to build the lifestyle that you want.

This depends on you.

And that’s the beauty of this career. It is your choice—you can work part-time or full-time, you can build passive income or spend lots of time among people.

It’s your career and you’re in the driving seat.

You set your prices.
You, at last, have control

The SCU “Mastery” Path


You may choose to pay in full when you enroll or you can take advantage of our in-house payment plan.

You could become a Certified Sex Coach for as low as $599/month for 18 months! You’ll get all the sexological knowledge, the coaching skills, and the entrepreneurial business training you need to launch your successful new career!

Check out our Program Options page for more information about all three options you have for getting trained, depending on your background, experience, and needs. On that page, you can see the features, prices, and payment plans for each.

How Your Investment Will Pay Off

You expect your investments to pay off, especially the ones that you make in your career and your professional development.

Sex Coach U typically pays for itself within 6-18 months of graduation, depending on how much time you dedicate to your practice.

According to Sex Coach U alumni, here are a few examples to illustrate how you can expect to realize a return on your investment.

  • Individual One-Off Sessions: $125 – $300 per 60 minute session
  • Monthly Coaching Packages: $500 – $1500 per client
  • Group Coaching: $60 – $100 per 60 minute session per group member
  • Workshops: $35 – $600+ per participant
  • Retreats: $500 – $8,000 per participant
  • Online eLearning Product: $10 – $750 per enrollment

As you move through the program, we’ll be giving you the best business and marketing training to start building a financially viable practice so that you can do this full time, if you choose.

The earlier you get VISIBLE, the more clients you’ll have lined up for immediately after your graduation.

Review our Policies page to learn how you can be doing this even before you graduate.

What’s more, you also get several powerful bonuses when you enroll at Sex Coach U. Keep reading to learn more!

An Excellent Investment

“My experience at Sex Coach U has been one of the most rewarding, it was a journey of self-enrichment and professional, personal, and spiritual evolution. I did the SCU Certified Sex Coach ™ Training Program and I think it was an excellent investment. I gained a comprehensive knowledge of clinical sexology, coaching, and business. Plus, the confidence to start my sex coaching practice. I am grateful for this magnificent experience.”

Ingrid Quiroga, Certified Sex Coach, Monterrey, Mexico

Fast Action Bonuses

When you enroll, you ALSO get some amazing bonuses, designed to turbo-charge your success even more. These sessions will help give you as much momentum as possible in your business, giving you an even quicker return on your investment.

If you know you’re ready to invest in yourself, your future career, and in the sexual health of those in your community who need you, then you’ll definitely be excited about these extras.

To be direct, these bonuses will deliver the most value to the most committed people: those who know they want to rapidly build a successful, blockbuster practice.

Are you ready to begin your new career?

Bonus #1

Business Quickstart Program!

Launch your career quickly and confidently with this powerful mini business training

Are you wondering how you’ll find your first client? Not to worry! As part of your “Mastery” Path tuition, you also get our unique 14-day Business Quickstart intensive, which will help you launch your new career. You will learn the foundations for getting your first client in this powerful mini training. It won’t take you long to master these essential elements necessary to launch your business. Watch your confidence soar after you complete your Business Quickstart!


Bonus #2

We Buy Your Books!

Your primary textbooks are included in your tuition

When you enroll, you will be sent an Amazon gift card for $75USD to purchase the three main books required for your studies, including Dr. Patti Britton’s seminal book in our field, “The Art of Sex Coaching.”

Being able to secure these three texts when you sign up–at no extra cost to you–means there’s nothing holding you back from diving in right away.

You’ll get your studies off to a great start!


Bonus #3

Fast Action Discount!

Make a Deposit During Your Interview, Get a Special Discount

If you’re accepted into the program during your Application Interview, you’ll be given an opportunity to submit a $500 deposit right then and there.

If you do so, we’ll knock $500 off your tuition, which means your monthly payments will be lower (if you select a payment plan).

We love rewarding people who are so dedicated to their own growth and ready to launch their new career!


Bonus #4

SBC Credits!

Credits within the Sexperts Business Community

When you enroll, you get to join our partnership with the global network of the Sexperts Business Community.

Take advantage of networking, marketing and brand expansion opportunities.

Upon joining the SBC you will receive bonus promotional credits which can be used to boost your brand presence.

Ramp up brand recognition from the get-go!


Phew! You get so much from joining Sex Coach U and starting the journey to becoming a radically competent, confident, and successful Certified Sex Coach!

How to Get Started

The SCU “Mastery” Path is an advanced training and it’s not for everyone. This is why we have a thorough application process, which includes a personal conversation with a member of our team.

We want to be sure it is right for you and we want you to succeed so you really can create a career to live your life on your own terms.

And we will honestly tell you if Sex Coach U won’t work for your career aspirations at this time.

Enrollment opens only a couple times each year so that we can give more individual attention and support for small cohorts of students.

When you enter Sex Coach U, you do so at the same time as a selected group of your peers.

Some will become life-long friends and collaborators.

Remember, when you join the “Mastery” Path:

  • You’ll get 21 in-depth courses in clinical sexology, co-active coaching modality, and our unique Integrated Sex Coaching courses.

  • With the Business Quickstart intensive, you’ll learn how to find your first clients and launch your new sex coaching career.

  • Frequent opportunities to interact with your fellow students and faculty LIVE to further support your learning and professional development.

  • You’ll have access to an exclusive and vibrant online community of current students, graduates, and WASC members.

  • You’ll be certified by the leading sex coach training organization and be eligible for membership in a variety of professional organizations.

  • And, if you know that Sex Coach U is for you, that this is the path you have been looking for, you will receive career-accelerating bonuses to turbo-charge your success even more.

My Confidence Has Soared

“The amount of insights and topics that we’ve covered are invaluable to learning about sexology, and I’ve definitely had my eyes opened. My confidence has soared and I am proud of what I have accomplished already.”

Jessica Staniforth, Certified Sex Coach, Guildford, UK

Isn’t it time you followed your passion?

Own your dream!

We often sell out whenever we open the doors, and we only open enrollment a couple of times each year.

Remember, space is limited and we accept applications for just a few days each enrollment period, so join the Interest List now to have the earliest chance at applying to join the next cohort.

Don’t miss out on this chance to launch your hot, new career!