Webinar: “How to Handle Financial Storms”

Presenter: Chellie Campbell

Air Date: Feb. 3, 2021

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Self-care is an essential component to wellbeing and success. As sex coaches, we are all specialists in sexual self-care. We have our sexual self-care practices, and through coaching, we encourage our clients to develop their own sexual self-care practice. But, what about money self-care? Are we tending to our financial self-care with the same loving attention we give to our sexual self-care? This is where the magnificent Chellie Campbell comes in with permission and suggestions. 

In this webinar, Chellie talks to us about developing money self-care practices so we can weather the storms and feel rich from the inside out. Chellie shares her personal story, the lessons she has learned along her journey, and helpful tools for money self-care and financial abundance. 

Chellie talks about her own experiences of recovering from money mistakes and boldly taking risks to reach new heights with humor and wit. She shares words of wisdom about going with the financial flow and loving yourself and your life while you ride the waves. It is impossible to capture every incredible insight and practical suggestion from Chellie. You simply must watch the webinar. Here are a few of the highlights.

Mental Money Habits For Self-Care

Money self-care starts in our minds. As sex coaches, we know that many sexual issues are rooted in bad mental habits, such as holding limiting beliefs and receiving misinformation about sex. We can apply this principle to our mental habits about money, too. 

It may be helpful to gently challenge our beliefs about money. What am I telling myself about money? Where do my beliefs about money come from? Do my thoughts about money serve me? When we ask ourselves these questions, we open up to new supportive thoughts and beliefs about money. We can shift our perspective from lack to abundance, from fear to faith. 

As Chellie put it, “Fear is just faith that bad things are going to happen. Why would you want to have faith in that?” 

If you want some inspiration for a money self-care ritual to shift your money mindset, check out Chellie’s affirmations available through her website

Send out the Ships

Of course, success does not happen purely in the mind. Positive expectation goes a long way, but success also requires action. In Chellie’s words, “it’s the Law of Attraction, not the law of abracadabra!” 

Many of us are solopreneur sex coaches, and we know first-hand that building a practice takes dedication, work, and time. We can’t just sit around and wait for our ship to come in. To use Chellie’s metaphor, before our ship comes in, we first have to set many ships out to sail.

Most of us want to have a coaching practice full of our ideal clients. To make that dream a reality, we have to sail out ships. Ships may include something as simple as an introduction email to an adjacent professional or creating a social media post that goes viral. Ships may include volunteering with a non-profit, developing an educational class to offer online, or showing up for networking events in our communities. 

Any action we take to provide and promote our services as a sex coach sends out a ship. They may not all bring back riches, but many of them will. The point is to build many ships and send them out. Chellie suggests that when we don’t feel motivated to send out ships, remember that somebody needs our help. They need our coaching, and they need our authenticity. 

When the Going Gets Rough, Keep Going

It may not always be smooth sailing, and when this happens, we just keep going through the discomfort. We take risks and go for it. Chellie reminds us that the magic happens outside of our comfort zone. 

Chellie’s three rules for success are: first, go; second, keep going; and third, never stop, just go on. 

Sometimes, we crash and burn. It may be stressful, humiliating, or even painful. These experiences do not exclude us from success. They help us speak our truth and empathize with our clients. In Chellie’s warm words, “Sometimes, what happens to you is just training you so that you can help other people.” 

These are only a few of the highlights from the webinar. As sex coaches, we always educate and hold a positive vision for a future. We promote wellbeing and self-care for sexuality. In this webinar, Chellie shows us how to do it with our finances. She shows us how to reduce money anxiety, build money confidence, and be successful. Chellie is generous with her knowledge, and we are richer for it.