Webinar: “Copywriting for Sex Coaches”

Presenter: Inara de Luna

Air Date: May 19, 2021

*Our webinars are open to enrolled Sex Coach U students and current members of the World Association of Sex Coaches only. Click here for more information about enrolling in our program.


Imagine a world where you have completed your sex coach training and the certificate is hanging on your wall. You’ve spent countless hours getting to know your ideal client avatar, and you can’t wait to work with them. You’ve developed a program that speaks to their concerns and will help them feel sexually confident and have the sex of their dreams. Now, how do you introduce yourself to the world as a sex coach, invite potential clients to engage with your content, and sell your products and services? The answer is copywriting.

You’ve probably heard that copywriting is an essential part of web presence for sex coaches. And you may have questions about it. You may wonder what copywriting is. How can you improve your copywriting? What are the special considerations for sex coaches? Are there resources to help you? In this webinar, Sex Coach U’s own Inara de Luna gave us the information, suggestions, and tools we need to make our copywriting effective and the process of writing more enjoyable.

You are probably familiar with Inara and her work. As the Director of Marketing and the Editor-in-Chief for Sex Coach U, Inara signs off on all of the SCU newsletters and promotional emails that go out. In this role, she has directed marketing for SCU that has helped bring SCU to multiple sold-out launches. Outside of SCU, she has published pieces in more genres and outlets than can be listed here. Additionally, Inara has experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist, LGBTQ activist, and relationship coach. So, if you want to learn more about the essentials of copywriting for sex coaches from a professional writer and editor with a proven track record of success, watch this webinar.

What is Copywriting?

If you’re wondering what copywriting is and what it’s used for, Inara started the webinar with an easy-to-understand definition of copywriting. To be clear, the topic of this webinar is not the copyrighting process that you undergo to protect intellectual property. That’s different (and is even spelled differently, though the words sound the same). The copywriting she’s presenting in this webinar, Inara explained, “is a special form of writing used to inform and persuade people to take a specific action.”  It is the text used for websites, sales emails, and some social media. As for the purpose of copywriting, Inara says it’s all about building relationships.

 “Relationships are key, so focus on this.”

After establishing the definition and purpose of copywriting, Inara provided information and actionable suggestions to help us improve our copywriting. Inara shared the link to her presentation slides in the webinar library in the student portal, so go check it out. One presentation slide included the essential elements of effective copywriting. Here are a few of the highlights.

  • Know your audience. Your audience is your primary niche, the people you want to help.
  • Infuse your copy with your personality. You want it to be relatable.
  • Make your copy outward-facing. The audience is your priority. Use self-disclosure judiciously.
  • Focus on the benefits, not the features, of working with you.

“Most writers don’t feel good enough. Acknowledge it, let it go, and just do the writing anyway.”

Effective Copywriting for Sex Coaches

Inara gave us a few recommendations and points to consider to help us take our copywriting to the next level. Her first recommendation is to write conversationally. Inara went over why it is essential to write conversationally and how to do it. She said to think about your client avatar and what you would say to them if you were having coffee together. Write it down. Then, read what you have written out loud. Does it sound like a conversation? Does it flow comfortably? 

Second, Inara said compelling copywriting needs to include an enticing call to action. She talked about where the most important calls to action are located. You need to have calls to action on your website, in your social media posts, and in your newsletter emails. Inara also talked about what makes an excellent call to action, how to write it, and where to place it. 

Third, it is crucial for sex coaches to understand that we have some special considerations when it comes to copywriting. One special consideration is your professional image. Is your professional image formal and clinical, casual and sassy, or something else? Your language needs to reflect this. Another special consideration for sex coaches is censorship, especially in social media crackdowns and email spam filters. Inara gave us some tips for choosing the language to use in our copywriting to avoid getting blocked or banned.

Copywriting Assistance for Sex Coaches

If you are looking for a copywriting guidebook, Inara suggested checking out The Love-Based Copywriting System: A Step-by-Step Process to Master Writing Copy that Attracts, Inspires, and Invites by Michele PW. This is a personal recommendation from Inara. She is not affiliated with this author or her products. 

If you are looking to outsource your copywriting, Inara suggested some questions that we can ask to help us hire the best copywriter for us.

In the last half of this webinar, Inara showed us website copywriting examples and explained what makes it good and what could be revised to make it even better. Finally, with the help of two brave volunteers, Inara demonstrated website copywriting teardowns. She reviewed and revised two SCU folks’ rough drafts in real time.

If you want copywriting assistance from Inara, the SCU writing guru, you can contact her by email at inara@idlcopywriting.com. She is available to do copywriting teardowns of your rough drafts with you like the ones she did in the webinar. Also, she can take your rough draft off your hands, polish it, and provide a revised piece of copywriting to you. Reach out to her to get more information and rates.

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