Sex Coach U Certification: “Fast Track” Path

Accelerate your journey to becoming a Certified Sex Coach™ with our Fast Track Path.

This program is designed for those who need flexibility and speed in their education. With over 500 hours of training in clinical sexology and co-active coaching, complete this path on your schedule and achieve certification in just 12 months.

It’s an affordable way to quickly gain the skills required for a successful career in sexual wellness, making it ideal for those ready to change careers or enhance their professional credentials within a year.

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Sex Coach U Certification: “Mastery” Path

The Mastery Path, previously our Core program, offers a deep and engaging learning experience.

This 18-month path is perfect for those who seek thorough preparation combined with the flexibility of self-paced study, supplemented by regular live sessions and personalized guidance.

It prepares you comprehensively for the complexities of a career in sex coaching, ensuring you develop both the depth of knowledge and practical skills needed.

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Business of Sexuality Specialists (BOSS)

Elevate your professional practice with BOSS, our business training program tailored to sexuality professionals.

Through 13 detailed courses and the innovative BEEHIVE resource, you’ll master business strategies, marketing techniques, and develop a prosperity-focused mindset that’s crucial for successful entrepreneurship in the wellness industry.

Bundle and Save: Enhance your educational investment by bundling BOSS with either the Fast Track or Mastery Path, securing comprehensive training at a superior value.

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Why Choose SCU?

Global Recognition

As the only sex coaching program recognized as an organizational member of the World Association of Sexual Health (WAS), SCU upholds the highest international standards in sexual health education.

This affiliation assures you that our curriculum and teaching methods are continually aligned with the latest global best practices in the field.

Expert Guidance

Learn from leading experts in the field, including our program’s foundation in Dr. Patti Britton’s pioneering MEBES™ model. This approach ensures a blend of rigorous academics, practical coaching expertise, and essential business skills, equipping you to make a significant impact in your professional endeavors.

Accredited Certification

Graduates receive the prestigious Certified Sex Coach™ (CSC) title, a credential that opens doors to membership in elite organizations such as the American Board of Sexology (ABS) and the Association of Somatic and Integrative Sexologists (ASIS).

This recognition expands your professional credibility and networking opportunities.

Advanced Learning

For those with a healthcare-related Bachelor’s degree, our certification counts as a Master’s equivalent, making you eligible to pursue a PhD in Clinical Sexology at the International Institute for Clinical Sexology (IICS).

This credentialing opportunity is perfect for those looking to deepen their expertise and excel lead in academic or clinical settings.

Supportive Community

Engage with a supportive global network of peers, mentors, and alumni. Our community fosters collaboration, ongoing learning, and professional development, ensuring you are never alone in your journey.


Whether you choose the Fast Track or Mastery path, our programs are designed to fit your life, not the other way around, allowing you to balance personal commitments with your educational goals.

Live Trainings

SAR Training

SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring) training is a life-changing, paradigm-shifting exploration into the full range of human sexual expression. SAR is usually a live training, however, you can now take this training online.

Attending a SAR is mandatory to earn your certification at Sex Coach U. Your SCU Virtual SAR fee must be paid on your own. You may attend any SAR of your choice, pending approval by your Student Advisor. Our virtual SAR is offered at least two times per year online.

ASPEX Training

ASPEX (Advanced Sexological Personal Experiential Xploration) is an advanced 6-day training that we like to call, “SAR for Grown Ups.” ASPEX is an intimate, residential retreat for sexuality professionals who are looking for a heal-the-healer, personal growth experience. It is an Advanced SAR and ASPEX can tick off your SAR requirement if you are an enrolled Sex Coach U student.

ASPEX2023 was a huge success. Our 25 attendees came from all over the world! Applications will be open soon for ASPEX2025! Visit now to learn more.