The Full Program Unlimited offered at Sex Coach U includes both the Core Certified Sex Coach™ program (CORE) and our business training component, the Business of Sexuality Specialists (BOSS).

While we sometimes offer these programs separately, the most successful students go through both programs simultaneously.

Because it’s so important to your success to get the full training, we offer you $1,000 off the total cost of both programs when you enroll in the Full Program Unlimited.

Sex Coach U's Triadic Training Model

The Core program teaches you sexology (the “what”) and coaching (the “how), along with our unique Integrated Sex Coaching material, which synthesizes and extends what you learn in the sexology and coaching coursework. The Core program is where you learn the ins and outs of working as a sex coach, and gain the knowledge and tools necessary to work with clients in this field.

BOSS is the business training component—where you discover how to launch a successful practice. This is where you learn business strategy and implementation, as well as how to foster a positive abundance mindset while working as an entrepreneur.

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Online Trainings

The Core Certified Sex Coach program

The Core Certified Sex Coach program comprises over 500 hours of training in clinical sexology, co-active coaching, and our unique Integrative Sex Coaching approach, which synthesizes and extends everything you’re learning. This program teaches you everything you need to know to become a Certified Sex Coach. You will graduate feeling confident in your knowledge and ability to help your clients achieve their sexual wellness goals.

The sexology and coaching coursework is composed of 21 courses divided into four modules, which are released consecutively as you complete each module. Your learning is enhanced by many opportunities for live support and practice.

The Business of Sexuality Specialists (BOSS)

BOSS is our business training component—where you discover how to launch, maintain, and grow a successful practice as a sexuality professional. This is where you learn business strategy and implementation, as well as how to foster a positive abundance mindset while working as an entrepreneur.

BOSS is available as 13 courses that you can work your way through linearly. You will also have access to the BEEHIVE, which allows you to find targeted information on a specific business or marketing need you have in the moment. Thus, BOSS is customizable, depending on your learning style and your circumstances.

Live Trainings

SAR Training

SAR (Sexual Attitude Reassessment and Restructuring) training is a life-changing, paradigm-shifting exploration into the full range of human sexual expression. SAR is usually a live training, however, as a result of Covid-19, you can now take this training online.

It is mandatory to earn your certification at Sex Coach U. It is also required to earn certification through AASECT. Your SCU Virtual SAR fee is included in your Core tuition (registration is required). Our SAR is offered at least two times per year online.

ASPEX Training

ASPEX (Advanced Sexological Personal Experiential Xploration) is an advanced 6 day training that we like to call, “SAR for grown ups.” ASPEX is an intimate, residential retreat for sexuality professionals who are looking for a heal-the-healer, personal growth experience.

ASPEX 2023 was a huge success. Our 25 attendees came from seven different countries! Plans are in motion to return to Europe for the 2024 ASPEX. Join the Waiting List now so you get the earliest opportunity to apply for this immersive event!