Foundations of Sexology

A Short Certificate Program (42 hours*)

  • Intro to Sexology
  • Ethical Standards and Practices
  • Clinical Sexology Overview

Do you want to deepen your potential to truly help and heal your clients?

Are you up for the challenge of addressing one of the most important—yet frequently ignored—areas of personal wellness?

Then it might be time for you to take your skills to the next level with a world-class training in clinical sexology!

If you’re a therapist, counselor, bodyworker, educator, or other clinician, there’s a good chance your clients have expressed some sort of sexual concern to you.

It could be an individual client whose unacknowledged sex-based shame is acting as a roadblock, preventing progress in your sessions with him.

Perhaps it’s a struggling couple whose various conflicts can be traced back to a sex life that neither of them enjoys much.

Maybe it’s your coaching client who has every reason to feel outgoing and confident, but her lack of sexual confidence hinders her growth in other areas.

It could be a person who has recently found comfort in the concept of gender fluidity and could use guidance navigating their shift in identity.

You understand the real need to address these concerns, but you hesitate to form a plan of action to tackle them.

After all, sex can be a tricky, sensitive subject to approach, and you don’t want to unintentionally do more harm than good.

That’s a valid concern, and it’s important to work within your qualifications.

But what if you had the tools you needed to help your clients in this vital area?

Imagine feeling calm and confident when the topic of sex shows up in session, knowing you’re well prepared to address your clients’ concerns.

By adding this dimension to your work, you can help your clients achieve truly holistic healing.

Introducing Foundations of Sexology

If you’re wondering how to learn to address sexual concerns competently and confidently, look no further. Sex Coach U is excited to bring you Foundations of Sexology.

This specialized, professional training will equip you with the skills, competence, and confidence to address these sexual concerns, and many more. 

Here’s what you can expect in your studies:

  • Current trends in sexology
  • The definition, founding principles, and tenets of sexology
  • The key differences between sex coaching, sex therapy, and sexology
  • Top sexological issues for men, women, and couples
  • The basic tenets of AASECT’s Code of Ethical Conduct as a sex educator/counselor/therapist
  • What may be and may not be ethical within the scope of your professional range of practice
  • How to state clearly your ethical framework and boundaries for working in clinical sexology that are either a component of other professional work you do and/or a new arena in which you work
  • Areas that are not within your comfort range or within your defined ethical guidelines that could occur within your work in clinical sexology and how you will respond to those areas
  • The clinical models known as PLISSIT, MEBES©, and sensate focus and how to work with a wide range of sexual problems or concerns for your clientele.

And best of all, you can dive into your exciting new studies today!

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