About Lucy Rowett

Lucy is the Marketing Associate for Sex Coach U and World Association of Sex Coaches. She is also a sex, intimacy, and relationship coach, writer, and speaker who has been quoted in Glamour, Brides, Cosmo, Tinder and O Magazine. She lives in the hipster capital of the UK, Brighton. She is proud to be the organizer of the UK’s only interdisciplinary group for sexuality professionals, Brighton Sexuality Professionals, inspired by her training at Sex Coach U. As the Marketing Associate, she coordinates the graphic content, website management, and communications for Sex Coach U, and is the community manager for the two Facebook communities. In her private practice, Lucy works with holistic, creative women to embrace pleasure and experience truly satisfying relationships. She is the founder of The Liberated Collective, a membership program for women to become sexually empowered. She works with clients both in Brighton and internationally, and regularly gives talks and workshops in Brighton and London. When she’s not working, you’ll find her sitting in one of Brighton’s many unique coffee shops, buying yet another box of fancy tea, petting the cat, or at salsa class. She would love for you to connect with her on social media: follow her on Instagram and Facebook.