The health of our planet grows more concerning every day. Maybe you’re already taking steps to reduce your impact: recycling materials, composting food waste for your garden, or making sustainable clothing choices. Take it a step further! Did you know that you can be just as eco-conscious when it comes to your sex life?

We’re lucky to have access to so many products that bring sexual healing to the world. Unfortunately, not all of those products are made with the planet’s health in mind. We all share the responsibility of making environmentally compassionate changes in our own lives. You might not think small tweaks do very much, but even subtle changes can compound and make a stunning difference. Where can you start?

SHE Magazine, March 2020 Issue

A fantastic place to start is the March issue of SHE Magazine. Sex Coach U’s Marketing Manager and Editor-in-Chief, Inara de Luna, has valuable tips you can use for a kinder, greener sex life. Her article, Eco-Conscious Sexuality,” has 17 practical items of advice you can start using (and recommending to your clients) today. 

We advocate for better sexual health for all in the world, so it’s only natural that we advocate for the health of the world itself! As we recommend exciting toys, pleasure products, and sexual practices to clients and consumers, it’s important that we do so with sustainability in mind. As role models and guides in our clients’ lives, sex coaches are in a great position to make recommendations that people will take to heart.

With tips like recycling your well-loved toys to masturbating for the health of the planet, this article will simplify the process of weaving together your sex-positivity and your love for the Earth. There’s something for everyone, so check it out to see how you can start making a difference. Click here to read the article in SHE Magazine today!

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