SCU Co-founder Dr. Patti Britton has recently authored an article titled, “Intimate Analysis: How a Camera-Equipped Dildo Can Offer Insight on Pleasure,” published in the October 2023 issue of Sexual Health Expo (SHE) Magazine. In this essay, Dr. Patti discusses an exciting new development in sexual technology.

As suggested by the title, this article explores a new camera-equipped dildo and how this technology can revolutionize sexual health (including pleasure). Dr. Patti discusses its features, benefits, and its impact on everything from gynecological health to your unique sexual healing journey.

How It Works

In this article, you get the scoop on everything this new technology can do and how it works. You’ll be surprised at how this wand-shaped dildo with an integrated visual camera can help you see and experience your own arousal. From an intimate view of your cervix to the information it can give you about the health of your vagina, it’s a wild experience that gives you invaluable information.

Taking It To Your Next Doctor’s Visit

The article also dives into the information that can be gleaned from using technology like this, and how bringing it to your check-ups might benefit your health in a big way. Rather than a disconnected view once a year, you can get real time information in the comfort of your own environment, whenever you want!

Of course, she also reminds us that it’s still important to keep that annual appointment with your doctor, just to be sure everything is still copacetic.

Revolutionizing Your Pleasure

Finally, the real message of this article lies in the fact that this technology can enhance the way that we experience sexual health and pleasure. The idea of witnessing your orgasm in HD is wild in theory—and in practice, can offer previously inacccessible information for enhancing our health, pleasure, and sexual experiences.

Technology is ever-evolving and at an exponential pace. Sexuality and sexual health are not left behind in this unfolding of information and progress. Dr. Patti wrote “Intimate Analysis” to update us all on how we can utilize technology like this in a way that brings healing, evolution, and growth in our sexual lives. 

Click here to read the article—and the entire magazine whose theme in this issue is Pleasure Tech.