There is a sort of magic during this time of year that allows us to broaden our perspectives, zoom out, and see our life from a larger, “big picture” lens. It feels exciting—endless possibilities await us! 

Part of this energy results from a practice of reflection. When we look back over the past year, we can see how all of our choices eventually led us to where we are now. What have you found by reflecting on your life post-2022? What are you grateful for and what are you leaving behind? How can you take those lessons with you into the new year?

Does your reflection lead you to think it’s time to start pivoting your career?

A lot of students and graduates of Sex Coach U started the beginning of last year feeling this same buzzing energy. They dreamed of launching a new career in a field they’re passionate about. One that offers them fulfilling work and sustains their life financially. And now they are on their way to (or have already achieved) a high-level credential in the sexuality field. 

No matter where your career has taken you thus far, it’s always possible and never too late to pivot. Keep reading to learn how it’s possible—and even why it’s necessary—to follow your dreams and begin your journey as a sexuality professional.

Pivoting Your Career From an “Unrelated” Field

A lot of our students pursuing a sex coaching certification come from a background that is related to sexuality in some form (sex toy party consultants, therapists, somatic bodyworkers, etc). But many come from fields like business, marketing, or even fitness. Maybe you can imagine the skill overlap that happens with transitions like these. But a lot of people hold a false belief that coming from a career unrelated to sexuality means it’s not feasible or even possible to transition to something they are really passionate about, like sex coaching. 

If this belief rings true for you—allow me to bust that myth!

Through a complete and comprehensive training program like the one offered at Sex Coach U, it is entirely possible to change careers and launch a successful practice as a sex coach. Even if your prior career training or knowledge is based in an unrelated field. If you really think about it, you could probably start to recognize the transferable skills that happen with a career transition like this. 

For instance, if your prior career gave you public speaking skills—they will absolutely apply as a practicing sex coach who hosts workshops or gives speeches in different capacities. If your prior career gave you business and marketing skills—they will be immensely helpful in launching and sustaining your sex coaching business!

Do not let a false belief stop you from pursuing the career of your dreams.

Passion Makes Pivoting Your Career Possible

And even if you can’t think of what skills might be transferable, that’s okay. The most important things you bring to a new career like sex coaching is your passion, your enthusiasm to learn, and your deep desire to help others find sexual fulfillment and achieve their sexual wellness goals.

Passion is at the root of almost every person who pursues a career in the sexology field. We all feel “lit up” by this field—and we all have an insatiable curiosity about the world of sex! Possessing this passion is the key starting point to pivoting your career toward sex coaching. 

Whatever your career is now, chances are good that you are passionate about talking, learning, and teaching about sex. Career changers that end up in this field often report feeling like they are the friend that everyone goes to to discuss their sex life or seek sex advice. 

Having this skill can absolutely push you forward down the path of pivoting in your career. The first step is getting trained and credentialed. From there, you can grow and thrive using your innate ability to help others in this specific way.

Why Pivoting into a Sexology Career Is Necessary

Now that we’ve talked about how it’s possible to pivot your career toward one in the sexology field, we should discuss why doing so is necessary!

Think about it: It’s now 2023 and we still live in a largely sex negative world. Sure, there’s been a lot of progress made globally to secure sexual rights and freedoms for all. But inadequate sexuality education, cultures that connect sex with shame, and attacks on sexual freedom worldwide are still prevalent. Helping professionals who are specialized in the area of sexuality are incredibly needed to help people recover from the effects of these sex negative practices.

Our world needs people who are trained and competent to guide and support others on their sexual healing journey. It’s a huge part of building up a new world where sexual freedom is prevalent, rather than diminished. 

Yes, when you change careers and launch a sex coaching business, you benefit from the flexibility, freedom, and ability to do work that you truly love. But even further, the world benefits from having one more sexuality professional who is willing and able to help change the world for the better. 

Make this the year that you finally follow your dreams.

Happy New Year!

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