Dr. Patti recently published an article, “Connecting with Caution”, in the October 2020 issue of Sexual Health Expo (SHE) Magazine to discuss tips and advice for navigating the dating scene in wake of Covid-19.

She explored topics such as the different levels of online dating, the balancing act of staying informed without “getting drunk on the news,” and the vital importance of establishing and enforcing personal boundaries. The article also delved into the risk levels associated with physical intimacy and ways to enjoy physical touch while keeping yourself safe. 

Staying Informed

In this article, Dr. Patti emphasized keeping the need to balance staying informed on the important information that applies to you, such as local closures and personal risk levels, with avoiding overwhelm and doomscrolling. She advised that, to keep your sanity and spirit uplifted, you should try to avoid overloading yourself with negativity.

Practicing Safe Sex

Dr. Patti also gave practical tips for a new kind of “safe sex” during the Covid-19 era. What are the different levels of risk associated with different forms of physical intimacy? Hugging? Kissing? Handholding? The article gives you new and exciting ways to experience intimacy while still keeping your health and safety in mind. 

Establishing Boundaries

The article also emphasized the vital key of establishing and enforcing boundaries within your personal relationships. Consent is mandatory, and getting clear on your hard yes’s and no’s is necessary for navigating these strange circumstances. What are you comfortable with and what is a hard no for you? Getting clear on your needs and limits, and having the communication tools to enforce your boundaries is vital during this time. 

The ongoing global pandemic continues to have huge impacts on the way we create and experience intimacy. As a leading expert in the field of sexology, Dr. Patti writes “Connecting with Caution” to support her community in looking at new perspectives and maintaining our erotic selves through the chaos this year is continuing to bring.

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