Have you ever wondered what lies at the heart of effective and transformative sex coaching? Today, we’ll delve into the MEBES©  Signature System™, an integrative clinical model developed by Dr. Patti Britton, co-founder of Sex Coach U and one of the pioneers of sex coaching as a profession. Certified Sex Coaches typically use this sex coaching model as part of the pre-intake assessment process with new clients, as well as the development of action plans

The Birth of MEBES© 

To fully understand the MEBES©  Signature System™, we must first understand its origin. The early 1990s were formative years for Dr. Patti as she pursued her doctorate in human sexuality at the Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco. Here, she studied sex therapy and began to conceive a fresh approach. 

Inspired by her exposure to life coaching—a field that was booming in New York City at the time—Dr. Patti fell in love with the idea of empowering individuals, a stark contrast to the traditional sex therapy methods she had been trained in.

Blending her background in sexology with her newfound passion for coaching, Dr. Patti birthed the concept of sex coaching. The MEBES©  Signature System™ was conceived when Dr. Patti was asked to explain her client-based approach at a workshop on sexual wellness. Driven by the need for a comprehensive yet straightforward guide, MEBES©  was born—an acronym that stands for Mind, Emotions, Body, Energy, and Spirit.

The MEBES©  Signature System™

Dr. Patti’s model offers a holistic and integrative approach to sex coaching, addressing various elements critical to a client’s sexual well-being. Our sexuality does not exist in a vacuum, but rather is impacted by all the realms of our being: mental, emotional, physical, energetic, and spiritual. The MEBES Signature System provides a pathway to explore all the factors that may be influencing a client’s sexual concerns. 

a graphic that visually demonstrates the sex coaching model, MEBES

Mind (M)

The M in MEBES©  stands for the mental realm: thoughts, myths, beliefs, values, and fantasies. A person’s sexual self-esteem can be heavily impacted by spiraling self-deprecating thoughts or debilitating beliefs. As sex coaches, we help clients navigate their mental landscape, clearing blocks to allow flow and align with their goals and needs.

Emotions (E)

The first E refers to emotions—not sensations, but feelings from our emotional self. As sex coaches, we guide our clients to view emotions as neutral information sources and use them as signals for alignment or misalignment with themselves. This approach is influenced by the work of Marc Brackett, who proposed the RULER Method for understanding and mastering emotions.

When we teach clients to recognize, understand, label, express, and regulate their emotions, we enable them to neutralize the charges that may be inhibiting their sexual potential. 

Body (B)

The B represents the body (and behaviors), which is fundamental to our sexuality. The body is where sex occurs and sexual behaviors take place. The B also encompasses body image and overall wellness. As sex coaches, we help clients understand how touch, relaxation, and communication can impact their sexual satisfaction.

Energy (E)

The second E is for energy. Everything is made up of energy, and sexual energy is the expression of our sexuality. A client’s sexual energy can significantly impact their sex drive, interest, and responsiveness. We help them overcome energy blockages and encourage the flow of energy for enhanced sexual experiences. We also teach clients to read and connect with their sexual energy, enabling them to share it with their partners. 

Click here to learn more about our definition of energy and its role and effects in a sex coaching session.

Spirit (S)

Finally, the S in MEBES©  stands for spirit. This encompasses two aspects: the spirit of who the client is inside—their inner identity—and a path of spirituality. Our role as sex coaches is to facilitate our clients’ connection with their sexual identity, thus empowering them to celebrate their authentic selves. This aspect also recognizes that sexuality can be a pathway to the divine, as has been explored in ancient teachings like Kama Sutra and Tantra.

We give clients permission to connect their sexual selves with their spiritual selves, helping them clear blockages and move toward sexual fulfillment.

The Sex Coaching Model in Action

To truly appreciate the power and effectiveness of the MEBES©  Signature System™, let’s walk through some example scenarios where this model has played a pivotal role in transformational client outcomes.

Sample Case Study 1: Rekindling Intimacy in a Long-term Relationship

In this case, a couple, married for over 15 years, reached out to a Certified Sex Coach because they felt the spark in their relationship had faded. The coach, utilizing the MEBES© Signature System™, discovered that the couple’s sexual Energy was greatly impacted due to stress and unaddressed resentments (Emotional blockages). 

The coach worked with the couple to reignite their Mind and Body connections and taught them stress management techniques. The couple also learned how to express their feelings without blame, leading to emotional clearing. 

Gradually, their intimacy and passion for each other returned, revitalizing their relationship.

Sample Case Study 2: Overcoming Performance Anxiety

A young man approached a Certified Sex Coach with crippling performance anxiety. The coach employed the MEBES©  Signature System™ to identify and unpack the root cause. They found that the client’s Mindset held distorted beliefs about “sexual performance,” creating tremendous anxiety. 

Using the principles of the MEBES©  system, the coach assisted the client in redefining his understanding of “performance” and nurturing a healthier relationship with his own body. Through this approach, the client was able to dissolve his anxieties and enjoy a more satisfying and pleasurable sexual life.

These case studies are examples of the MEBES©  Signature System™ in action, illustrating its applicability across a wide range of scenarios. Each case study provides a glimpse into the model’s adaptability and transformative potential, showcasing its value in the field of sex coaching.

The Power of the MEBES©  Signature System™

The MEBES©  Signature System™ is at the core of our work at Sex Coach U. We firmly believe that sex coaching, like life coaching, should be about empowerment and progression—and this holistic sex coaching model ensures that all facets of an individual’s sexual experience are considered. 

Using MEBES©  to address the mind, emotions, body, energy, and spirit, we are better able to help our clients navigate their unique sexual paths. Human sexuality does not follow a linear pathway but a circular journey, where every component—Mind, Emotions, Body, Energy, and Spirit—interconnects and influences the other, just like a wheel. 

The MEBES© model provides a clear, replicable system for working with clients in a clinical setting. You never have to guess where to start or how to proceed. 

Mastering MEBES© will equip you with the tools to guide your clients toward achieving sexual fulfillment and self-acceptance.

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