Being quarantined alone can certainly suck, but there are also potential benefits to all that alone time. One of those may be the opportunity to connect more deeply with our own eroticism. What better time to celebrate the wonders of solitary confinement than Masturbation Month?

Explore Different Types of Masturbation & Orgasm

Many of us find what works to get us off and we stay there. Have you ever found yourself stuck in an erotic rut? While it’s fantastic to know exactly what you like, solo sex can become routine—even boring—without a dash of variety. Experimenting with different types of masturbation can lead you to new discoveries about your sexual potential and open up new areas of excitement. 

Experiment with different types of touch. If you normally like it hard and fast, try slowing it down and fluttering your fingers ever so gently, instead. You could even try holding different degrees of pressure without movement or with just the tiniest bit of movement. Try making it into a game: ask yourself, “What’s the least amount of pressure and/or motion I can apply that still feels good?” Be playful and curious about yourself, as if you’re exploring your body for the first time. 

If you typically just use your hands to get off, try experimenting with different types of toys, both vibrating and non-vibrating. Experiment with toys you can insert, pleasure products that circulate air to stimulate you, and devices that let you explore various types of sensation play. The possibilities are limitless. If you’re looking for a place to start, check out our shop here!

Open your eyes if you normally clamp them shut. Try progressive relaxation techniques before beginning your self-pleasuring session, if you’re used to tensing up all your muscles to induce orgasm. Keeping your muscles relaxed during an orgasm allows its energy to flow freely throughout your body, and the difference might amaze you. 

A man enjoys Masturbation Month in May.

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Play with your breath, vary up your fantasies, and experiment in different positions. Engage a variety of possible erogenous zones and body parts. Ask yourself how you can feel as turned on as possible without going directly to your usual favorite erogenous zones. Even if you don’t develop a new preference, there are so many benefits from simply having fun and being open to new feelings. 

There are also different types of release you can play with and shoot for. Some intersex individuals have shared that they can achieve 9 or 10 distinct types of orgasm. While people with just one, definitive set of genitals may experience a more limited range of orgasm, most of us can in fact reach different heights of pleasure, and masturbation is a great way to explore the possibilities.

For instance, are your orgasms typically explosive? Or more of a slow burn? Do you tend to have one long orgasm or multiple shorter ones? Is your whole body involved in your release, or are those sensations typically confined to your genital region? 

What gets you to which orgasmic experience? Allow the possibilities to excite you! If you’re especially curious, you can even keep a masturbation journal. Write down or record the elements of your experience: your mental and emotional state, your thoughts, the products you used (or didn’t use), and anything else that seems relevant. Try to describe your orgasm (if you have one) and see how it may vary session to session. This can be a fantastic way to gain a more tangible understanding of your preferences and deepen your connection with yourself

Mutual Masturbation Can Be Done Virtually

A woman celebrates Masturbation Month with a smile.

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A lot of people are indulging in the joys of mutual masturbation over a variety of virtual platforms during this time period of quarantine and social distancing.

Video conferencing is an obvious solution, but phone sex still works, too. And even typed chat sessions can get hot and steamy and lead to all sorts of wonderful masturbatory experiences. If you’re single, don’t be shy about exploring the variety of services that virtually connect you with people who are happy to assist. 

A way to switch up your mutual masturbation sessions would be to add in a little role play or perhaps spice things up with some D/s (dominance and submission) play. Imagine how hot it might be to give over control (with proper negotiation) of your orgasm to someone else, someone watching you on the screen or listening to your breath over the phone… who can tell you how to touch yourself for maximum impact.

Yet another option for virtual, partnered, self-pleasure sessions is to invest in remote control toys. There are several pleasure products available today that allow one person to control something inserted in or worn by someone else in another location. 

There are so many possibilities to experiment with, it could take you weeks or months to explore them all! Will quarantine last long enough?

Your Self-Pleasure Adventures Can Help Your Practice

When you are conducting a sex coaching session, you bring your own experiences and mental state into the “room” with your clients, whether you’re meeting in person or virtually. So if you’re feeling out of sorts with your own solo sex life, that’s going to bleed into your sessions. Conversely, if you’re experiencing erotic joy during quarantine, your confidence and excitement will shine through and can inspire your clients (no need to share specifics from your personal life).

Masturbation has so many physical and mental health benefits. It’s important that we’re encouraging our clients who are living alone to engage in their own self-pleasure sessions. It’s vital to continue working against the stigma and shame that people often associate with masturbation. The more honest, enthusiastic conversations we can have about masturbation, the closer we can get to giving it the legitimacy it deserves. 

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