It’s an understatement to say the year 2020 was a hard one for us all. Now that it’s over, we’re all probably feeling a mix of exhaustion and eagerness for a new start. The new year can be an amazing time for your business to get clear, set goals, and map out your vision. What better way to achieve this than a sex coach vision board?

Utilizing Your New Year Energy

The new year often brings on a slew of new energy. There’s a common “new year, new me” attitude in society that—if we choose—can be used to our advantage not only for our personal development, but for our business, as well. 

We feel this energy in all sorts of ways. Some of us feel the urge to start a new project, start building better habits, or set specific goals for the upcoming year. It’s a productive energy, based in motion and movement. The problem often is, how do we use it to lay a foundation instead of letting it fizzle out by the time February rolls around?

The answer partly lies in recognizing and naming the energy, and then using it in a way that works for you and your lifestyle. Jumping headfirst into things can often lead to burnout when that energy eventually fades. Then follows the inevitable guilt, shame, and feelings of disappointment. Instead of using this energy to do a lot of things while it lasts, try using it to lay a foundation for ongoing movement throughout the whole year. A fabulous way to do this is to create a vision board!

Benefits of a Vision Board

a collage of photos existing as a vision board

Image by Sh1ra from Pixabay

A vision board can be extremely helpful to all of us, but especially if you’re a creative or a visual learner. They help us to assign symbols to ideas, see things clearer, and bring to life our visions! For sex coaches, a vision board can help us visualize abstract ideas about our business in concrete ways. Using an artistic medium can help us take our amorphous conceptions about things like ideal clients, audience reach, or writing pieces and give them visual punch, which can empower our strategies to manifest our goals.. 

Vision boards also help serve as reminders for that ongoing movement throughout the year. A beautiful piece of art that you created, displayed in your office or workspace can serve as inspiration for where you are going while you’re moving through the daily motions. It can reignite that new year energy to keep you moving forward.   

How To Create Your Vision Board

A vision board can really look like anything. There are no rules or restrictions, but if you need a little guidance on your sex coach vision board, feel free to follow the loose instructions here.

  1. Journal First—The first step involves reflection and envisioning your dreams. Get really specific and detailed in your journal about what exactly you want the next year to bring to your business. How do you want to feel when you go to work everyday? What will it look like when a new client books? What will your income look like? Your office? Get it all out on paper first. Your goals, dreams, and aspirations so you can begin to visualize them in your mind. 
  2. What You’ll Need—The supplies you’ll need will vary depending on how big you want your board to be, how you want it to look, etc. The creative part is getting messy with paints, collage, markers, pencils, and anything else you fancy to birth your vision into existence. Personally, my favorite method is a blank canvas, a bunch of stacks of old magazines to clip from, and mod podge. Collect images that speak to you and pictures that represent ideas pertaining to your vision. 
  3. Cultivating a Space—To get the most out of the experience, I recommend putting some thought into the time and space in which you’ll dive into this project. It should be calm and zen, with little to no distractions. This will allow you to contemplate and create freely. Make sure the space is tidy with little clutter, choose a playlist that inspires you, and maybe light some candles to set a mood. An open and free container will aid in bringing forth your vision. 
  4. Areas to Focus On— Finally, after journaling, gathering materials, and cultivating a cohesive space, it’s time for the fun part! When creating your vision, there are certain areas you might want to focus on. Finances, clients, and session energy are a few to consider. What is your dream income? Who is your ideal client? What do they look like? What are they seeking? What does the energy in a session feel like to you in your vision? Does it look calm, strong, and stable? Does it feel free and expansive? Considering these areas of your business can help when developing your board. 

Once you have your board together, take a few deep breaths and feel gratitude for the journey you have taken in your career. Display your art somewhere that it can inspire you and let it remind you where you are going. 

The new year is a beautiful time for reflection and envisioning your future. Instead of falling into a trap that eventually leads to burnout, I encourage you to find a ritual that works for you. It might take some trial and error but finding a way to honor your journey, both how far you’ve come and where you want to go, can have amazing benefits for your sex coaching career. 

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