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Sex Coach

Basic Training students are looking for knowledge and skills to enhance their competencies or to gain confidence in responding to inquiries about sexuality, love and intimacy.

Sex Coach

Our Professional Training students seek to learn more about sex and sexuality, while gaining the necessary preparation to work one-on-one as a competent professional.

Sex Coach

Advanced Training is designed to provide specialized education and training for SexCoachU students who have completed Professional Training as a Certified Professional Sex Coach.

Sex Coach
Asociado (Español)

Sex Coach U now provides our Professional and Basic Training in Spanish. Study with Aleida Heinz and Pedro Bricenoas they prepare you on your way to becoming a Sex Coach.


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Janet Morrison RN, BSN
Certified Professional Sex Coach ~ Arizona, USA

Sex Coach U gave me the tools to establish my new and increasingly successful Sex Coaching business. The demand for this sex positive approach is confirmed by the amount of referrals I have already received! Thank you!!!!!!

Allie Theiss - Ohio, USA
Certified Professional Sex Coach

The students and faculty were both supportive from the start. It felt like a sense of community with a gathering of like minds. I learned about more than just about sex, I learned about myself. Discovering that there was more to me than I thought, was not only freeing, but EMPOWERING!

Uta Demontis - U.K.
Certified Professional Sex Coach

Dr. Patti's holistic approach of resolving sexual concerns deeply resonated with me. It inspired my dream of becoming a sex coach and has fully prepared me to work as a sex coach by offering up-to-date material while learning from leading sexologists and sex coaches.

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Our mission at Sex Coach U is to create a world in which sexual healing, sex-positivity, and discovery of an authentic sexual self can happen for every person we coach!

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