Whether you’re a Certified Sex Coach™️ or at the beginning of your career as a sexological professional, there may be times when you doubt if your services are needed. You might open your social media and see a flood of inspiring educational content that makes you think that everything has been said already. It may seem like there’s no point in making (yet another) post explaining the difference between the vulva and the vagina. Even though you were really fired up to write that essay, you see similar content has been shared by other experts who have thousands of followers already.

Or maybe you are at a point in your practice where your available session slots are not filling up, so you start thinking that maybe people don’t want to address their sexual concerns with you anymore. You beat yourself up for not marketing your services enough or you worry that your offer is not attractive to your ideal clients.

If you ever feel like you want to give up and you think that doing what you love is not needed in the world, I am here to remind you that your work as a sexological professional is a gift. Millions of people are out there looking for sex coaches just like us. And, frankly, we need even more hands on board! The truth is, we need more passionate sexuality professionals so we can work together to make the world a more sex-positive place.

This article will explain why we will always be in need of more people in the sexological field. Those who light up when they speak about sexuality and who are passionate about bringing out positive change in others. There can truly never be enough of us.

It Takes an Online and Real-Life Village

In a perfect world, every person has access to healthcare. They can quickly visit a doctor and can book a therapy session for next week without a problem. The network of people in our city or neighborhood, or what I like to call a “village of people,” would provide us with what we need. 

Sadly, it is hard to find a place that has anywhere close to an “ideal” number of helping professionals, where people could easily access the services they need to have satisfying lives. The reality is that many people wait in line for months not only to go to a doctor but also to visit a psychologist, therapist, or counselor. Here’s an interesting statistic for you, the International Coaching Federation says that there are 16,000 coaches worldwide. That’s it. For almost eight billion people. And the number of qualified sex coaches practicing around the globe is far smaller.

There is a huge shortage of qualified and ethical professionals who can help people with their sexological concerns. This is true for professionals working face-to-face with clients and online. 

On the other hand, there is no shortage of people seeking information about their sexual concerns. For instance, putting “sex drive concern” into Google just now yielded over 62 million results. 

In a recent study published by the National Library of Medicine about erectile “dysfunction” [note: at Sex Coach U, we say “erectile difficulties” not “dysfunction], the author stated:

“The best available data indicates that 52% of men in the US between 40 and 70 years of age suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is estimated that at least 30 to 50 million men in the US and at least 150 million men globally have ED.” 

And a recent article in WebMD opened with the following line: 

“Did you know that nearly half of women report having at least one problem with sexual function — whether its low desire, loss of arousal, trouble having an orgasm, or pain during sex?”

As you can see, the need is enormous, and too few of us are properly trained in how to help people resolve their sexual concerns and embrace their erotic potential.

On social media, you may sometimes feel flooded with sex-educational content, making you wonder if the world really does need you adding to the noise. The algorithms know us well and the more sex-positive accounts we follow, the more we are shown. The magic of the Internet is that it can make the world feel like a really small place.

Using social media, we can connect with people from different continents in a matter of seconds. But have you ever checked how many of the sexological professionals you follow are from your area? Or take the bigger step and look at the number of sexuality professionals in your city/neighborhood? It is very likely that the number you find is not enough to support everyone in need as quickly as possible.

It takes a village to change the world and social media can create an illusion of an army of sex coaches all changing the world with pleasure at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, it really is happening and it’s glorious. 

What social media doesn’t show you, however, is that the same handful of experts and educators have a limited capacity to accept the tons of clients who need help. We are all only humans with a 24-hour clock. Just because some content creators have thousands of followers doesn’t mean that they will be able to address the concerns of everyone. And even though they may wish to do so, they most likely don’t have the time to provide individual sessions to everyone.

Every Sexological Professional is Unique

No matter how big your following on social media is or how many people signed up to your newsletter, another reason why we need more sexological professionals in the world is that we are all unique in the way we express our authentic selves.

By being our true selves as coaches, we attract various kinds of people. Authenticity is one of the essential attributes of coaching and is an important part of the Co-Active Coaching Model. Coaches should be themselves, authentically, so that clients can feel the honesty and integrity of who they are. This contributes to rapport and trust in the coaching session.

The variety of ways in which sex coaches express their authenticity is truly beautiful. It manifests in the ways they work. Some focus on spreading sex positivity by publishing in popular magazines. There are also those who love the world of sex toys and are professional pleasure product reviewers. Others put their passion into working with groups. There are sex coaches who introduce bodywork to their practice too.

Our authenticity shows up in the way our life stories can influence the kind of clients we may feel called to help the most. As a sexpert with children, you may light up when you help parents find more time for intimacy. You may prefer to work with women and people with vulvas who want to take matters of their desire into their own hands (sometimes literally). Or maybe you want to share with others the beauty of BDSM that you enjoy personally as well.

As you can see, being an authentic coach manifests in the ways we work as sex coaches and the niche we work with. It also means that by showing up as our true selves, we are attracting people who need our services and our particular approach and perspective.

If our offer is aligned with what they would like to improve in their life, they will want to work with us. And the more sex coaches who are out there being their authentic selves and passionately helping others, the better we will do in this world.

After all, we all have different callings and different limitations. We may be experts in some sexual concerns, while others we may not feel comfortable working with. Here is where the importance of a big network of sexuality professionals arises again. When we get a client who turns out not to be a match for us, we can always refer them out to another specialist. In the most perfect scenario, that specialist would be more accessible to the client too (e.g. live in their area or have a short waiting time).

People Need Sexological Professionals

Whether you’re a Certified Sex Coach™️ already or considering becoming one, believe me when I say that the world needs more passionate people to collectively educate others all about sex and relationships. Even though social media may make you feel like there are enough sexperts who do similar educational work to you, chances are that many of them are not from your area. More importantly, none of them have your exact blend of experience, expertise, and personality. No matter what, though, the whole world struggles with a scarcity of healthcare professionals, especially experts in sexuality.

People need us and our services, and the more of us who are authentically ourselves as coaches, the better. We all attract different types of clients and are experts in various concerns. Creating a sex-positive network is important for us to refer out those clients who are not a match for us. If you’re a person who cannot shut up about sex or who is interested in exploring the field of sexology as a profession, the universe is lucky to have you in it, and so are we. 


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