Core Values & Diversity Initiatives

These are challenging times for racial/social/sexual diversity. We all have faced the political winds of change over the past many years. Thankfully, the world is now joining SCU in our ongoing efforts to promote diversity in all forms, in everything we do. As evidence of our commitment to DEI, at SCU we have taken new actions and augmented our former activities that relate to the promotion of sexual rights, sexual health, and freedoms for all. This is a constant focus of our mission. To that end, we have invested time, money, and a lasting commitment to the expansion of our programs to serve those in need. 

We have always—and continue to—embrace issues of diversity, inclusion, and representation from a humanistic sexological perspective. Our work includes an emphasis on diversity in these key areas:

  • Our Philosophy of Diversity from a Humanistic Sexological Perspective
  • Our BIPOC and other diversities scholarship program
  • Our SCU Team 
  • Our community (students, grads and WASC members)
  • Our curriculum
  • Our marketing presence

We will continue to update you on our progress and encourage you to assist us with your questions, comments, and concerns. Oh, and we deeply appreciate your praise, when you feel like sharing that! Click here to contact us. SCU is here for the positive future of all Certified Sex Coaches and those they serve.

Our SCU Team

The team at Sex Coach U is a reflection of our commitment to diversity and inclusivity and has grown in scope and numbers over the last few years. Our SCU team is comprised of the Curriculum Team (who are in charge of SCU students’ progress and the Core curriculum), the Management Team (who oversee the BOSC business training and the SCU internal infrastructure), and the Marketing Team (who are in charge of our newsletter, blog, articles, social media, websites, and communications with the press and media).

Our Web Team oversees our websites, our Accounting Team manages our financials, and we proudly outsource to BIPOC businesses wherever possible. 

Since our beginnings in 2010, our team has always represented diversity in every form, and our team members come from all over the world.

To date, our team both past and present has come from:

The USA (Arizona, California, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont), Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Singapore, and the UK.

We are proud to work with team members from diverse communities and backgrounds, which enriches both our inbound and outbound communications.

Scholarships Awarded

Since our founding in 2010, we have regularly offered scholarships on a case -by-case basis to students either from developing countries or in special circumstances. 

Here are some of our recent SCU Scholarship recipients:

Kerlin Charles, Sex Coach U

Natasha Riley, McDonough, GA, USA

“There is so much generational trauma in the Black community when it comes to the control of a Black woman’s body. This scholarship will allow me to educate, to support, to provide space for women that look like me to feel safe discussing their fears and hope for growth as it pertains to their sexual confidence. This makes me even happier that I made the decision to go with Sex Coach U.”

LeKara Simmons from Atlanta, GA, U.S.

I am so grateful to be a scholarship recipient for Sex Coach University. SCU is a change-maker in the field of sexology. I am thankful to learn from the Mother of Sex Coaching, herself, Dr. Patti. SCU is impacting me personally and professionally in the way we can merge sexology and coaching. 

Kerlin Charles from Grenada

“My goal is to normalize sexual concerns among the Grenadian population in a space that is safe and enabling. Sex Coach U will play a pivotal role in establishing my sex coaching and consultancy services in Grenada.”

Dr. Karabo Thakwane, Sex Coach U
Lily Maneo Makoetlane, Sex Coach U

Dr. Karabo Thakwane from Botswana

With the scholarship that I received, I see my dreams of bringing sexuality education and sex coaching to my country becoming a reality. The investment that Sex Coach U and Dr. Patti made, is not just going to benefit me, it will benefit my country.

Anita Hukumchad, from India, but lives in Boston, U.S.

Women in India are looked down upon when they speak of sexuality. I want to use my certification as a power tool to be a professional in the field with dignity and respect

Lily Maneo Makeotlane from Lesotho

As a Certified Sex Coach I will offer group Sex Coaching sessions pro bono to neglected victims of Sexual Offenses and Human Trafficking. To help them process sexual trauma, heal and lead healthy sex-positive lives. 

Partial scholarships are awarded on a very limited basis. These need-based scholarships bring the tuition down 50%. Only three or four scholarships maximum are awarded during each enrollment period for the following categories:

  1. Someone who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color residing in the United States,
  2. Someone who identifies as Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color residing outside of the United States,
  3. Someone with a documented disability or other special circumstance,
  4. Someone residing in Poland (for our special Dunlap Memorial Poland Award)

These scholarships are only available to exceptional candidates who:

  • Can justify an extreme financial need,
  • Can provide evidence of their ability to pay 50% of the regular tuition, in 18 equal monthly installments,
  • Can demonstrate their passion for this work, and
  • Are dedicated to serving the unmet needs of an underserved target audience.

Our enrollment team uses their discretion during each enrollment period to identify potential scholarship candidates. Those candidates will be given the opportunity to submit an additional questionnaire verifying their eligibility. The enrollment team will review all candidates and award scholarships toward the end of each enrollment period.


Our Diverse Curriculum

The SCU Curriculum team is committed to celebrating the diversity of human sexual expression and of our student body.

We continually review our materials to ensure they are relevant and resonant with our students, removing materials that are out of date or potentially harmful to BIPOC or other diverse audiences. We are routinely adding materials to better capture a broader representation of people, whether in recommended films, readings, or the nuanced language that is required of a DEI-centered approach to our work here at SCU. We tune in to what our students say about the materials, including suggestions and critiques, and we use this information to develop and refine the curriculum day after day.

We ask our students to watch certain media as part of their practice of new skills. Some recent additions we have made to our media selections include The Shape of Water; She’s Gotta Have It; Shortbus; Queer Eye; and A Wrinkle in Time. We are engaged in the process of expanding media selections, so that students can be engaged in the process and contribute their ideas, input, and recommendations on a regular basis. 

Our reading materials include selections from the “classics” of sexology (e.g. Hartman & Fithian), but also by contemporary thinkers such as Dr. Meg-John Barker. Overall, we endeavor to include a wide variety of voices speaking about their own lived-experience in regards to race, gender, sexuality, abilities, age, and orientation.


Our curriculum includes twice-monthly regular webinars (and sometimes additional Bonus webinars) featuring guest speakers who are experts in their field. We bring a special focus to showcasing guest speakers who can educate our community on sexology, diversity, and DEI topics. Some of our noteworthy webinars come from diverse experts, such as these:

Archie Tullos, Sex Coach U, Black Lives Matter

A Spiritual Perspective on Black Lives Matter, with Archie Tullos

We explore the current relationship between the current racial/social justice crisis and how we as sex coaches can learn from this movement to be better humans.


Humanistic Sex Coaching, with Dr. Nwachi Tafari

In this presentation, Dr. Nwachi Pressley-Tafari looks at what diversity, inclusion, and equity mean in sex coaching. The webinar also examines three different humanistic coaching paradigms.

Manal Omar, Sex Coach U

Sacred Sexuality, with Manal Omar

Manal explains why it’s important to discuss sex from a religious perspective, and how understanding the link between sex and faith can lead to empowered women and inclusive societies.

Meg-John Barker

Working with GSRD clients, with Dr. Meg-John Barker

Why learning gender, sexual, and relationship diversity (GSRD) is important for all sex coaches, not just those working with LGBTQIA+ folks.


A Sexuality Perspective of Diversity, with Dr. Nwachi Tafari

A discussion focused on using MEBES© as a starting point or as a lens to observe, examine, appreciate, and love the diversity of our clients, ourselves, and humanity in general.

Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh

Cross Cultural Views on Sexuality / Emergent Love Model, with Dr. Sarah Nasserzadeh

A new paradigm and practical model for clinical work with individuals and couples, called The Emergent Love Model.

Reimagining Sex Therapy Supervision and Sexuality Advocacy, with Dr. James Wadley 

A presentation focused on enhancing the skillset of clinical supervision with regards to self disclosure, and the application of critical race theory.

InterSEXtional Thinking with Jermisha Frazier

A presentation about intersectionality and sexual experiences that focuses on the psychological, physiological and social implications.

*Note: These webinars are available only to Sex Coach U enrolled students and members of the World Association of Sex Coaches.

Blog & Marketing Materials

Visual representation is so important. We want to make sure all types of people can envision themselves as sex coaches, so we have always been and remain mindful to include diverse representations in the imagery we use for our marketing materials—such as on our website, in our newsletters and email campaigns, and on our social media.

This key feature of our dedication to diversity has been part of our style for years, and we cherish our contributions to making diversity in marketing a strong element of our mission.

SCU magazine, Sex Coach U

We have published various blog posts and newsletter essays:

How Not To Be Colorblind As A Sex Coach, by Ada Sewell

“Ignoring” a person’s race might seem kind on the surface, but it’s more damaging than you realize. Learn how sex coaches can discuss race with clients.

MEBES © A soulful lens to a diverse world, by Dr. Nwachi Tafari 

The MEBES Model offers a lens through which to examine one’s relationship with diversity issues. Read how Dr. Nwachi Tafari applies it to his own life.

We Have Trans Women of Color to Thank For Gay Pride, by Inara de Luna

The 1969 Stonewall Riots were a turning point for LGBT people, especially trans women of color. Learn how those involved changed the landscape for us all.

Celebrating RBG’s Life & Legacy as Sex Coaches, by Inara de Luna

Sex Coach U is mourning the loss of a hero. We are celebrating RBG’s legacy as sex coaches. We thank her for everything she has done.

Coaching Men With Autism, by Sarah Martin 

Autism spectrum disorder presents unique challenges for men who have it. It’s important for sex coaches to understand these concerns as they relate to sex.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is that your ace and aro clients do not need to be “fixed.”

How Sex Coaches Can Be Better LGBTQ+ Allies, by Inara de Luna

You as a sex coach can assist your clients with their concerns, help them feel understood, accepted, and supported, and also promote their equal rights and protections. 

The Sex Coach U Magazine

We invite members of our community of students and graduates, who identify as diverse, to submit essays on the topic of diversity for our Sex Coach U magazine. We are committed to centering Black and brown voices on sexology and sex coaching topics.

If you’d like to submit guest posts to the SCU Blog and Magazine, click the link below.

Submit your guest post to the SCU Blog here

I AM SCU Campaign

With students in over 72 countries (and counting!), I AM SCU is our ongoing campaign on social media—YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook—to highlight the vibrance and diversity of our global community. We are incredibly proud that our community really does come from all walks of life and represents various cultures, races, backgrounds, professions, skill sets, sexual orientations, gender identities, relationship styles, and kinks!

You can view the full campaign on our YouTube channel here.



We’d love to hear your constructive ideas of how we can continue to improve our diversity and inclusion efforts. If you have a solution in mind, please share below and we promise to consider it!