SCU Scholarships

Welcome to the Sex Coach U Scholarship application!

You are here because you intend to be a game-changer in your community and in the wider world to create sexual health and wellness, and we’re so excited to meet you!

We are proud to train the next generation of game changers and thought leaders, with students and grads in over 70 countries around the world. 

SCU scholarships are our way of paying it forward. We wish to enable qualified prospective students—those with the passion and dedication to make a real difference in the world, but lack the means to pay for the full training—to enroll in the program and realize their dreams.

When you receive a partial-tuition scholarship for the Core Certified Sex Coach™ program, you receive a significant discount on the course fees and entry to an elite community of sex coaches and sexologists.

We award a limited number of these need-based scholarships each enrollment period on a case by case basis to the most dedicated students who are poised to create the most benefit to their communities. Scholarships are offered at the discretion of the Management Team, in consultation with the Sex Coach U Diversity Advisory Council when needed. 

The 2-3 BIPOC*-eligible need-based scholarships are for:

  • One applicant residing in the United States
  • One applicant residing in another country

In addition, at our discretion, Sex Coach U may offer a partial tuition scholarship based on the following: 

  • Special Circumstances, such as serving disadvantaged or marginalized populations, and/or being a person with disabilities or other conditions eligible for consideration.

Only one scholarship per category will be awarded at the close of each enrollment period. 

[*Black, Indigenous, Persons of Color]


All scholarship applicants are subject to the following criteria and must: 

  1. Submit a brief application form, showing interest and capability of assuming the responsibilities of an enrolled student at Sex Coach U;
  2. Attend a Pathfinder Call interview with a member of the Sex Coach U team and be approved for admission into the Sex Coach U Core Certified Sex Coach™  training program;
  3. Demonstrate financial need based on financial documentation requested at the time of assessment of their eligibility; 
  4. Indicate ability to assume the financial obligations for remaining tuition balance beyond the scholarship level;
  5. Provide a written personal Statement of Purpose; this essay explains why they want this scholarship and how they will use this training to benefit their prospective clients and audience they intend to serve, that is, how they intend to “pay it forward”;  
  6. Scholarship recipients also agree to be acknowledged within the internal Sex Coach U community and publicly on Sex Coach U materials and to provide a photograph for marketing purposes.

If you meet the criteria and truly feel qualified to apply for one of these scholarships, then please click the button below to be taken to our Scholarship Application form.

Recipients will be notified by the end of the next enrollment period.

When can I apply?

We accept scholarship applications for approximately two weeks prior to each enrollment period. Join the Waiting List to be notified of the dates of the next SCU Scholarship Application period.