As you’re considering your future career as a professional sex coach, you want to make sure you get properly trained. And you want to feel like the values and approach of the sex coach training program you choose are in alignment with who you are. 

Not every program will be a fit for you and your goals and it’s important to evaluate each one critically as you review your options.

Even when you’re just starting out, it’s important to consider the impact you hope to make as a sex coach. How do you want to show up for your clients and for your community? What changes do you want to see? What vision do you have for the growth and development of your business? 

How to Find the Right Sex Coach Training Program

Take some time to research and reflect on the questions below. When you have a clear and strong idea of what you want—from your career and from the training program that will help you build it—picking the right program becomes a lot less intimidating.   

  1. Who do you want to work with? Who do you most want to serve? Do you have a particular client type or community in mind? If so, how do you want to serve them?
  2. How do you want to work after graduation? How do you want to work with clients? Do you want to work with touch, or talk-only? Do you want to work face to face, via Zoom, in workshops, or some combination of these?
  3. What’s the program like? How thorough and comprehensive is the full program offered? Will you be trained in clinical sexology? Will you learn about the full spectrum of sexual concerns? Will you learn about gender identity, sexual orientation, and different relationship styles?
  4. What are the credentials of the training provider? What are the credentials of the training provider? Does the training provider have thorough training and qualifications in sexology? What previous experience do they have? Who did they train with? What is their reputation in this field?
  5. What credentials will you earn upon graduation? What credentials does a training offer you upon graduation? Will you be able to join a professional association? Will you be able to use your training as a stepping stone to more advanced trainings?
  6. Can you plug into a community of students and grads from the program? Will you be able to get support from your peers? Will you be part of a large global community of sex coaches and allied professionals who you can lean on? Is a community of supportive peers important to you?
  7. Can you hear from graduates from the program? Did they have a positive experience of this training? How has this training impacted their careers?
  8. Will you experience personal development? Will this training require you to do your own healing and personal growth? Will you be constantly challenged to reflect on your values, attitudes, and beliefs? Are you prepared to do the inner work required to become a clean and clear container for your future clients?
  9. What are the ethics and standards the program teaches and lives by? Does this training have a code of ethics? Will you be required to follow it? Will you learn how to maintain appropriate professional boundaries? Does it teach you the limits of your training and when you must refer a client out? How important are ethics and integrity to you and how you wish to show up in your career?
  10. What are the program’s policies on touch and consent? Will you learn about when it is and isn’t appropriate to work with touch? Will you learn about informed consent? How do you feel about those policies? Is touch an important component of how you wish to work with clients, or would you prefer a program that prepares you for talk-only coaching?
  11. Does the program offer any kind of business training? Does this training provide thorough business and marketing training so that you can actually sustain yourself as a professional? Will you learn the essentials on how to build and run a successful sex coaching practice? 

Attend a Live Informational Session

Red chair on the beach with the words: "Your Sex Coach Life starts here! Attend our next Info Session, a live intimate conversation with out team. Then a button follows with the words: I'm ready!

At Sex Coach U, we offer monthly Live Info Sessions, where you can come and learn more about our program and what’s like to study at Sex Coach U. You can get all your questions answered, and you can begin to get a feel for our community. You’ll meet one or more of our Team and get to interact directly with them. 

This is an invaluable opportunity to help in your decision-making process. We feel confident that by the end of the Info Session, you’ll know whether or not Sex Coach U is the right sex coach training program for you to achieve your career goals.

Sign up for the next Info Session here.