We base our teaching on these ten guiding principles and beliefs:

  • Sexuality is an essential natural and healthy part of being human; we as humans are sexual beings lifelong, from conception to death

  • Sexual rights are human rights; all adult sexual expression is acceptable, as long as it is with consent and without intentional harm

  • Every person deserves to choose whether, how, and with whom they wish to express their sexuality, alone and/or with a partner
  • Every person deserves to and can have the sexual aspects of one’s life become realized; every person also has the obligation to take responsibility for their sexual actions and the impact on self, others and the global environment
  • People do not get rid of parts of themselves as sexual beings; they learn how to embrace and accept those aspects of self
  • Most practitioners of medicine and mental health care are inadequately trained and prepared to meet the sexual needs of their patients
  • Sex coaching is a direct, powerful and transformational pathway to sexual healing, sexual wellness and sexual success
  • Being a sex coach is one of the highest professions one can choose, allowing the sex coach to clear oneself first, then to become the greatest container for the sexual well-being of clients
  • We at Sex Coach U serve as role models for sex-positivity, sexual empowerment, sexual health and sexual success to the world
  • We as sex coaches must give back to the global community and advocate for sexual well-being and sexual freedom wherever we can have a positive influence

We uphold Dr. Patti’s credo, “Celebrate your sexual self!”