Dr. Patti and the Team at Sex Coach U have published several books and ebooks that can enhance your studies and your practice as a sex coach. We’ve compiled those titles here for you to explore. Consider purchasing some new shiny additions for your real or virtual bookshelf!

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The Art of Sex Coaching
by Patti Britton

Based in the empirical science of sexology and adapted for practitioners looking to enrich their work and enlarge their client base, The Art of Sex Coaching covers what professionals need to know in order to participate in this exciting new field of coaching.

Designing and Leading a Successful SAR
by Patti Britton and Robert Dunlap

This professional guidebook and training manual introduces the Sexual Attitudes Reassessment and Restructuring (SAR) training program for professionals working in the broad field of sexology. This book is necessary reading for clinicians and educators who wish to offer SAR training programs or integrate “The SAR Approach” into their practice.

The Adventures of HER in France
by Patti Britton

HER’s numerous erotic adventures send chills up our spines — from Goddess rituals, forbidden sex, and mysticism, to time travel and personal transformation. HER is the “Wonder Woman” of eroticism, showing how women may determine the course of their own sexual destiny.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Sensual Massage
by Patti Britton and Helen Hodgson

Fully illustrated and easy to read, this guide to giving and receiving sensual massage-with discussions of healing, gratification, intimacy, and the use of oils and lotions-is the most comprehensive book on the subject available on the market.