T3U: The “Coming Out” Process

Course Description:

Coming Out is a life transformation that involves a physical, mental, and spiritual transformation. This course provides a firm foundation for energetically helping a client accept themselves, release shame, and step forward into a powerful position of embracing their sexual energy.



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Janet Morrison RN, BSN
Certified Professional Sex Coach ~ Arizona, USA

Sex Coach U gave me the tools to establish my new and increasingly successful Sex Coaching business. The demand for this sex positive approach is confirmed by the amount of referrals I have already received! Thank you!!!!!!

Allie Theiss - Ohio, USA
Certified Professional Sex Coach

The students and faculty were both supportive from the start. It felt like a sense of community with a gathering of like minds. I learned about more than just about sex, I learned about myself. Discovering that there was more to me than I thought, was not only freeing, but EMPOWERING!

Uta Demontis - U.K.
Certified Professional Sex Coach

Dr. Patti's holistic approach of resolving sexual concerns deeply resonated with me. It inspired my dream of becoming a sex coach and has fully prepared me to work as a sex coach by offering up-to-date material while learning from leading sexologists and sex coaches.

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Our mission at Sex Coach U is to create a world in which sexual healing, sex-positivity, and discovery of an authentic sexual self can happen for every person we coach!

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